‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Is Lolo Jones Too Competitive or Kinda Crazy?

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers show that Lolo Jones‘ competitiveness might be getting out of hand. The US Olympian has been getting heated with fellow CBB US 2 houseguests over things as small as jokes.

No one can deny that Lolo Jones is a super athlete that used her talent and drive to make it to the Olympics. But will the same competitive drive and passion that makes her a top athlete also rub the CBB houseguests the wrong way?

The Big Brother game does not always require a competitive streak. Playing too hard can be a reason to get evicted.

Celebrity Big Brother: Olympian Lolo Jones Has History On Competitive Reality Shows

Before Celebrity Big Brother, the track star Lolo Jones did a stint on the spin-off of  The Challenge called The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros, on MTV. The show had professional athletes pitted against veterans of the original series. Lolo Jones quickly became the villain of her season due to her inability to control her competitiveness. Some fans found her a little crazy, annoying and over the top.

Lolo got into fights with the other team and was the reason for a lot of the drama on the show. At one point she even fought with her own teammates and she took the whole thing way too seriously. It is probably why she was almost always the one her team chose to put up in the elimination round.

Lolo Jones Getting Heated With Tamar Braxton On CBB US 2

Many of Lolo Jones’ confrontations on Celebrity Big Brother so far have revolved around fellow contestant Tamar Braxton. The two have very different personalities and that sometimes does not mesh well at all in the CBB US 2 house. Because of this, Lolo and Tamar have gotten into tiffs about everything from small complaints to a lack of shared information.

Their last fight almost led to a physical confrontation between the women. During a conversation Tamar jokingly said she would punch Lolo in the throat and it blew out of proportion. Yet, it is surprising that Lolo is not gunning to get Tamar out of the game.

Is Lolo Jones Too Competitive For CBB US 2?

Maybe, because playing the game too hard has sent many a Big Brother contestant home. But the social factor of the show is essential for a successful performance. It might do Lolo Jones some good to relax a little bit and have a conversation that does not escalate to an act of aggression.

Lolo could be in trouble if she starts winning competitions. The combination of her winning things and being a competitor in every aspect of her being could place a huge target on her back. Tom Green and Kato Kaelin are definitely catching on to the threat in their group.


Her competitiveness might stem from her background as a professional athlete, but she applies it to all parts of her life. That might cause more strife among her housemates as the Celebrity Big Brother season progresses. But can Lolo Jones tone it down enough to win the $250K?

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