‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers LEAK: Scaramucci Nominated for Eviction – Joey Lawrence Possible Backdoor?

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal Joey Lawrence and Anthony Scaramucci are possible targets in the house. The two were seemingly on the outs during a live feed leak that happened this afternoon. In other news, Tom Green got caught talking about Kandi Burruss behind her back. Here’s an early look at what’s happening in the CBB US house.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Joey Lawrence & Anthony Scaramucci on the Outs

CBS leaked some live feed footage today that might have revealed some crucial Celebrity Big Brother game information. Actor Joey Lawrence and politico Anthony Scaramucci were in the 5th Avenue bedroom doing something that appeared menial, but was very telling for CBB US fans.

Anthony Scaramucci and Joey Lawrence were both folding a lot of clothes and rearranging their suitcases. This sure liked like they might be packing up to go home. Everyone knows that each nominated houseguest has to pack their suitcase in preparation of the possibility of being evicted.

A source has revealed that Anthony Scaramucci is one of the nominees, but not Joey Lawrence. So Joey could be thinking he’s a possible backdoor candidate.

UPDATE: Since this article was published. Ryan Lochte won HoH, and nominated Jonathan and Anthony Scaramucci. AND in even more updated news, it appears that The Mooch, Anthony Scaramucci has self evicted.

Either Joey Lawrence or the Mooch could be sitting in front of Julie Chen come CBB US eviction night this week. It all depends on HoH Ryan Lochte and whoever wins the PoV. We’ll see on tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother season premiere.

Potential Third Nominee on CBB US

Celebrity Big Brother might see a third celebrity houseguest sitting in the hot seat for the first live eviction. In a conversation between Kandi Burruss, Tom Green, and Dina Lohan they hinted at three nominations this week.

While they are not supposed to talk game during this special live feed sneak peek, the three were discussing what might happen later this week. Dina pointed out that they do not know anything and Julie Chen could change things up.

Dina threw out there that Julie could even tell the three nominees that they are off the block. Then, she could put three new houseguests in their place. So this hints CBS might be changing up the CBB US game for the celebrity edition to keep it fresh.

Tom Green Disses Kandi Burruss on Big Brother Live Feeds?

Another hint at the action coming to CBB US is that Tom Green was seen suggesting using “the other room” to talk about the game because he claimed it was a good spot for privacy. Kandi Burruss, who was also in the bathroom along with Dina Lohan, did not feel the same way.

Kandi playfully informed Tom that she could hear people from outside of that door when walking by. She teased, “so keep that in mind next time you’re in there talking about me, buddy.” Dina promised her that they never talked about her behind her back.

The three are probably aligned if their comfort level around each other is anything to go by. It makes sense that Kandi and Dina would gravitate towards one another because of their reality TV connection.

Celebrity Big Brother Schedule

With a little over three weeks to fit an entire season of gameplay, the TV schedule for CBB US is going to get a little hectic. Here’s a look at the schedule so you can re-organize your life for the next few weeks if you’re a hardcore fan.

The two-night season premiere starts TONIGHT at 8 pm and continues tomorrow at the same time. We are super excited to get this season of CBB rolling and see all the hijinks the celeb houseguests get up to!

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