‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Drag Queen, Olympian, Actor and Politician Join CBB US

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers hint at who will join CBB US for the second star-studded season. Everyone’s favorite Big Brother leaker is back at it again with all the need-to-know info. This year, it looks like CBB US 2 welcomes a variety of different backgrounds. Everything from drag queens, to Olympians, are set to appear.

Celebrity Big Brother – RuPaul Drag Queen Strutting Down the Carpet?

It looks like Celebrity Big Brother is going to have their first drag queen in the US version of the show. One of the first cups of tea that the CBS insider shared with the Twitterverse was an innocent tweet with three little emojis. Separately, they might make little sense, but together they sent fans on a guessing spree of just who it will be.

The rainbow, lipstick and high heel emojis being an obvious hint at the type of celebrity that Vegas was teasing. Now, fans can only speculate who it might be as we wait for the official cast release. There is a good chance that the drag queen will be a past contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

While it would be fantastic if RuPaul Charles himself was on CBB US, that seems a long shot. He’s busy and likely wouldn’t show for the CBS reality show. However, the winner of CBB UK 2018 was Courtney Act, another contestant on RuPaul. There are many notables on past seasons of his hit show, so we can likely expect an alumnus.

An Olympic Runner and a Movie Star

Another spoiler depicts four emojis that could relate to one or two people – or even four! Back in November, the Twitter account tweeted a round of spoilers that had everyone spilling their tea trying to guess who she was referring to. This tweet has images of a runner, a gold medal, a film camera, and acting masks.

This one has even BB superfans confused because no one is sure if it is alluding to one person or more that would be on the CBS celebrity reality show. If it’s referring to just one houseguest, Twitter users are speculating Caitlyn Jenner. She is an Olympic gold medalist and has experience in the acting world, after all. But that seems like an extreme long shot.

If the tweet is referring to more than one person coming into Celebrity Big Brother, there are rumors of Jackie Joyner-Kersee, an Olympic runner and medalist. Others are hoping for retired figure skater Tonya Harding. There are also whispers on Reddit of Jonathan Bennett, who played the memorable Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls.

It would be an interesting combination if, both he and other possible houseguest Dina Lohan, were both be on the show given their Lindsay Lohan link.There could also possibly be a director on this season. The camera emoji could be considered a contestant on its own!

Another Politician on Celebrity Big Brother

Last year Omarosa was a big hit on CBB US, polarizing and sprouting off opinions throughout the house. The former Celebrity Apprentice star turned White House administrator was not quiet about her thoughts. Fans loved it.

It would make sense that CBS would try to capitalize on that and have another former political player join the cast. Fans are pushing for Sean Spicer, former White House Communications Director. If they land him, that would be incredible. Its also been speculated that it could be Monica Lewinsky. This could make it a scandalous season of Celebrity Big Brother!

All three emojis in this Vegas spoiler could only lead to one place. The White House. There is no clarification on who it will be, but as long as they are as exciting as Omarosa was, we will take them! CBBUS 2 premieres January 21st on CBS. You won’t want to miss all the action, drama and crazy comps! Come back soon for more Celebrity Big Brother casting spoilers and rumors

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