‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Anthony Scaramucci Talks Trump in CBB US – First HoH Reveal

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal that Anthony Scaramucci will talk Trump in the CBB house. The Mooch confirmed he would be sharing all about the current administration during his stay. In other news, the first live feed sneak peek unveiled the first CBB US 2 HOH.

Anthony Scaramucci Spilling Tea in Celebrity Big Brother House

The jump from the White House to the CBB US house might not be all that far for Anthony Scaramucci. The former White House Communication Director has plenty of experience in getting successfully backdoored. He is well-versed in the art of backstabbing and secret keeping.

In a recent interview, The Mooch promised he would be talking all things Trump and the White House during his time on Celebrity Big Brother. He reportedly has a lot to say. Is he still bitter about only being in his position for 11 days? Signs point to yes. More Trump tea spills soon – much like season one.

Following in Omarosa’s Footsteps

Anthony Scaramucci’s CBB US political predecessor Omarosa got plenty of attention for her stint in the White House then the Celebrity Big Brother house. She was not afraid to say what she thought and constantly blabbed about the Trump Administration. She was one to watch during the show’s first season.

CBS would be foolish not to capitalize on that by having The Mooch do the same. Whatever he decides to dish out about his time in the White House, we are here for it! Anthony Scaramucci is very fond of swear words, meaning viewers will get some very colorful stories, a CBS insider reported, but with lots of bleeps!

Hopefully, he’ll control himself during live shows. The big question is will The Mooch survive in the Celebrity Big Brother house longer than in the White House? Anthony Scaramucci made it 11 days with Trump so we’ll see how he does in CBB.

Ryan Lochte First HOH of CBB US 2

On Thursday, CBS gave live feeders a brief 15-minute look inside the house. It turns out that was all fans needed to figure out who won the first Celebrity Big Brother head-of-household competition. The person who holds the key also holds all the power – at least until the Veto ceremony is over.

Most of the guys were hanging out around the pool table when Kato Kaelin told Ryan Lochte he had, “a key made.” He said that way he would not have to ask for Ryan’s HOH key. Olympian Ryan Lochte will now be in charge of deciding which celebs to nominate for eviction first on CBB US and which are safe.

Nominations Soon – Will The Mooch Be on the Chopping Block?

Ryan’s Celebrity Big Brother nominations will be locked soon unless someone wins the power of veto and saves one of his nominations. The swimmer is living the high life in the HOH room right now and talked about CBS installing an infinity pool to use for training.

That is not something you see on regular Big Brother. We’ll see if production put in the special pool for the Olympian. We’ll also see how Ryan’s reign as HoH unfolds and whether Anthony Scaramucci is nominated and fired from another house, tune in to CBB US the premiere this Monday, January 21 at 8 pm.

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