‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Recap: Tom Green Wins HoH – Tamar Braxton Gets Power – Season 2 Episode 7

This Celebrity Big Brother recap shows comedian Tom Green becoming the new Head of Household and singer Tamar Braxton receiving a new power. After a pulse-pounding live Veto competition let Kato Kaelin backdoor Ryan Lochte last week, it was clear that anything could happen. But who would win the next Head of Household competition? And who would they nominate for eviction? It’s time to find out.

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Suspicions About Tom Green – Tamar Braxton In A New Alliance?

Once Ryan was evicted from CBB US, fellow Olympian Lolo Jones was mourning her fellow USA teammate’s exit. Lolo was sad to see Ryan leave, despite voting for him to go in the first place. Wrestler Natalie Eva Marie reassured her that it was just part of the game, and that their relationship would mend after the show ended. At the same time, actor Joey Lawrence was becoming suspicious.

He suspected Natalie, Lolo, Kato, and Tom Green of being in a Celebrity Big Brother alliance. He was concerned that the group would steamroll the rest of the house. Because of this, Joey tried to pull “momager” Dina Lohan, singers Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss, and NFL star Ricky Williams into a new alliance. However, Ricky immediately went to Kato and Natalie to tell them what he was planning. Now Joey’s actions might have put him in danger of being nominated this week.

Slasher HoH Comp Leaves Tamar Braxton Terrified and Tom Green Triumphant

The Celebrity Big Brother recap reports that once the post-eviction scheming was complete, it was time for the Head of Household competition. This slasher-themed comp forced the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests into a haunted house where they had to find a car key to escape. A chainsaw-wielding man scared the houseguests while they completed the task, and “dead bodies” littered the fake house.

While most of the celebrities were competing as usual, Tamar Braxton struggled with this competition. She was quickly quite frightened of the masked characters, and refused to complete the search for the key. The other houseguests were able to complete the task handily. While all of the CBB US celebrities (except Tamar) had relatively close times, in the end, Tom Green was the new Head of Household!

More Scheming, More Plotting, A CBB US Backdoor Is Brewing

There wasn’t much time for celebrating though, as the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests got right back to plotting. To start, Kandi approached Tom Green, and asked him directly if he was in an alliance. When Tom evaded the question, Kandi’s concerns continued to grow.

Then, Kato, Tom, Natalie, and Lolo decided that they needed to make a majority alliance. They approached Ricky about joining their group. However, when Tom Green proposed naming the alliance “Team Fun”, Ricky stated that he didn’t want the alliance to have a name. This roused Tom’s suspicions, and he decided to keep an eye on Ricky.

When discussing nominations, Ricky told Tom that Dina and Kandi should go on the block reports Celebrity Big Brother recap. While Tom and Kato agreed that this would be a good move, their agreement was bound to fail. As soon as Ricky left the room, Tom began contemplating backdooring Ricky.

Tamar Braxton Wins A Power — Kandi, Joey Nominated For Eviction

Before Celebrity Big Brother nominations could happen, however, there was business to take care of. After Monday’s episode, America had been voting to grant the Power of the Publicist to one houseguest. This Power would allow a celebrity to remove themselves from the chopping block at one of the next two evictions. In the end, America chose Tamar Braxton to win the Power of the Publicist! Will she need to use it this week?

After Tamar Braxton received her power, it was time for Tom Green to reveal his nominations. He did not allow his concern about the Power of the Publicist to affect his nominations. In the end, he decided to put Kandi and Joey up for eviction. on CBB US. Anything could happen during the live show on Saturday night. With a backdoor plan in motion, and a power in play, any celebrity could be sent home.

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