‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Casting Spoilers: Shane Dawson on CBB US – YouTube Star Last Minute Recruit?

Celebrity Big Brother casting spoilers hint that YouTube star Shane Dawson is one of the eleven famous houseguests moving in this weekend. He may have been a last minute addition due to recent pay controversy that reportedly had some celebs dropping out. Two of the CBB US celebrities pulled out when they found out others were being paid more and that left CBS scrambling.

Shane Dawson: YouTube Star Gearing Up For Celebrity Big Brother?

YouTube pioneer Shane Dawson rose to fame at only 19-years-old and runs one of the most popular channels on the platform. He transitioned from sketch-comedy to conspiracy theory break-downs. And now he might be suiting up for CBB US.

Shane was reportedly spotted at the CBS studio where they shoot Celebrity Big Brother. Houseguests are heading inside to begin shooting the show a week before the US premiere, so the timing is perfect.

Julie Chen Recently Followed Shane on Twitter

Celebrity Big Brother hostess with the mostest Julie Chen gave Shane a follow on Twitter not too long ago. This alone might mean we will see him this season on CBB US. She usually follows celebs that appear on the show.

He even tweeted to expect to hear from him by the end of this month and the show launches January 21. Coincidence? Maybe not. CBB fans have been speculating about it for days.

Shane Dawson On CBB US – YouTube Fans Thrilled

Celebrity Big Brother ratings might skyrocket if they landed Shane Dawson. He is a very popular guy with almost 20 million subscribers on YouTube and well over seven million on Twitter.

CBS will have made an excellent choice if they landed him because his fans are diehard. They will watch the show just because he is on it. Last year, Shane Dawson fans pushed for CBS to cast the YouTube star, but things did not pan out. This CBB US season could be the one.

Shawn Has a Personality Fit for Celebrity Big Brother

With a huge and hilarious personality, Shane Dawson would make for some amazing TV on Celebrity Big Brother. He is incredibly smart and loves picking through conspiracy theories and sharing his thoughts on YouTube. Diary room sessions with him would be hilarious.

Plus, while many of the rumored cast are older stars, he’d represent a refreshingly young perspective. And since CBS has been pushing for social media interactivity, he’s right in that sweet spot that CBB US production clearly wants to hit.

Shane Dawson Would Bring in Younger Viewers

There’s also the plus that recruiting Shane Dawson for Celebrity Big Brother could draw in a younger demographic than they usually achieve. Shane’s tens of millions of YouTube subscribers find him very likable so it’s likely they would tune in to see him on the CBS show. His channel is so popular that one YouTube upload went viral and crashed the platform!

We won’t know for sure until the casting is revealed later today, but Shane Dawson was seen on the set and he promised a big project coming soon. Fan fingers are crossed to see Shane Dawson on the new CBB US season.

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