CBS ‘Tommy’: Edie Falco Is a Bit Carmela Soprano, Touch Nurse Jackie, Whole Lot of Top Cop

CBS Tommy star Edie Falco graced the screen last week as the first female LAPD Police Chief Abigail ‘Tommy’ Thomas in a new CBS series. Fans of Edie Falco know her from previous shows like the Sopranos and Nurse Jackie. If you liked her on these two cable series, you’ll love Edie as Tommy, which airs on Thursday nights.

CBS Tommy: Gives Edie Falco One Tough Cop Role

Her iconic characters as Carmela Soprano and Jackie Peyton had one thing in common. And it looks like this also carries over to her new character Tommy. All three of these Edie Falco characters dazzle the audience with quick wit. The three women also shoot from the hip.

Tommy is the first gay character for Edie Falco out of these three shows. It appears Tommy found this out later in life because she has an ex-husband. She also has an adult daughter Kate played by Olivia Lucy Phillip. Her daughter doesn’t recall a happy childhood. But Tommy doesn’t recall it as unhappy as Kate does.

So, it looks like the somewhat estranged mother-daughter relationship just launched a new beginning in the first episode of Tommy. In between the new police chief attending to her duties, it looks like she’s about to mend fences with Kate.

More Than Just One Woman’s Career Riding On This

There’s one thing Tommy is extremely aware of as she takes on this job. If she blows it, LA won’t see another female police chief for at least 20 years. In the first episode viewers already see there’s no shortage of men banking on her failing at this job.

But while that’s the case on the show, critics call Edie in her role as Tommy “fresh air”. Some critics thought Edie Falco shinned despite the storylines not as interesting as some would like.

But Tommy comes out on top after her first week on the job. Mostly because her character not only thinks outside the box, she often goes there as well. It looks like Edie Falco plays the character Tommy close to her role as the nurse named Jackie. She treads where others fear to go despite the consequences.

Rules and protocols don’t mean as much as human dignity does for the new police chief. While Carmela Soprano often closed her eyes to the injustice going on around her, Nurse Jackie didn’t.

So it looks like Edie demonstrates some of her same attitude that won the audience over in her iconic nurse’s role. But she does it with more authority in her latest role.

Does Edie Falco have a love interest in this new show? So far it seems as if Tommy is married to her job. In the first episode, viewers see her turn down a potential romantic interlude from a woman. Her excuse – at this point in her life she’d rather spend her time getting a much needed extra hour of sleep.

‘Tommy’ on CBS: All Edie Falco

Edie Falco fans are sure to love her in this strong role. Best of all, it’s all Edie Falco coming through in Tommy. This time around she’s not married to a man who orders the demise of his enemies on an HBO show. She’s also not addicted to pills as Nurse Jackie was on the Showtime show.

It looks like this time around Edie Falco’s downfall is all work and no play in her role as Tommy on CBS. It’s worth a look especially if you’re an Edie Falco fan. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Edie is stronger and more independent in her new role. She’s far away from the day she played the mob wife who kept Tony Soprano’s fridge filled with Turkey Hill Ice Cream.

Tune in to CBS on Thursday nights at 10 pm EST for Eddie Falco solving crimes as Tommy.

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