Budweiser Creates Viral Tearjerker Commercial on Stepdads Ahead of Father’s Day

Budweiser just hit a home run for Father’s Day with a new stepfather commercial that leaves you hard pressed to find a dry eye in the house. It looks like the king of beers created a tearjerker of a commercial as they honor stepfathers this year. The video shows three of the dads out there who don’t share a smidgeon of DNA with their children – because they are theirs by marriage alone. But Budweiser recognizes the men who don’t need a DNA connection to love and treat their stepkids as their own and are lauded this Father’s Day.

Budweiser Celebrates Father’s Day With Stepdad Commercial

Budweiser included three stepdads in this Father’s Day ad. These men have no idea what their stepkids are about to ask them. But the people from Budweiser thought this is a great way to celebrate the true meaning of being a dad today. The commercial opens up with ” “For Father’s Day, these three stepfathers were surprised with the greatest gift of all.” And when you are done drying your eyes, you’ll probably agree.

This one is for all those guys out there who love their stepkids as if they were their own. Yep, they’re out there and Budweiser does a bang-up job for stepdads this Father’s Day.

Budweiser Father's Day Commercial

Viral Father’s Day Ad Brings the Tears

So what’s so emotional about the new Budweiser commercial? After all, it’s hard to get all teared up over a beer. Well, the people who make one of the most popular brews on the face of the Earth found a way to celebrate the tough role of being a stepfather. The commercial posted on Wednesday and by Thursday it already racked up over a million views.

Adult children of three unrelated stepdads all have a surprise for the man who raised them. Three grown-up children share how they first rejected this new man that their mom brought into their lives. Having a stepfather wasn’t at all appealing to them when they were mere kids. But as time went on, they not only learned to respect these three stepfathers but love them like a father as well.

Budweiser Honors Stepdads This Father’s Day

It took a while, but they realized these men only wanted what was best for their stepchildren. So for Father’s Day, these three adults approach their dads with a request. They want to drop the “step” and continue on as “father”. The stepkids want these men to legally adopt them and be just “dad” going forward.

Viewers of this commercial see these events unfold in real time, there’s no rehearsing these scenes. These stepfathers have grown stepchildren who ask to be adopted by them. It seems social media is going crazy over this ad and giving it lots of support.

To top it off, Budweiser pledges $1 donation to the Stepfamily Foundation for every comment on social media that “shares a story about a father who stepped up.” As people hear about Budweiser’s commercial tribute to stepdads, they’re in hot pursuit to YouTube to take a gander at this Father’s Day video going viral. Check out the ad in the video above.

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