‘Bringing up Bates’: Whitney and Zach Bates Get Ready to Meet Baby Khloé

Bringing Up Bates couple Zach Bates and wife Whitney Perkins Bates get ready to give birth to Khloé Eileen Bates on the show. But first, they each spend some one-on-one time with their children Bradley Bates and Kaci Lynn Bates. Check out the sneak peek spoiler video below for a look at the next episode of the uplifting reality show.

Bringing Up Bates: Whitney Perkins Bates Spends Quality Time with Bradley

On the next Bringing Up Bates, Whitney takes a little time out to spend with her first-born son Bradley. Baby Khloé is going to arrive soon and she’ll have her hands full. So, she and Bradley go on a little outing just the two of then. Whitney says there’s something special about a mama and her boy.

So, she wants to give him a little extra attention before the new baby gets here. Soon, he gets a kick out of feeling the baby move inside mommy’s tummy. Clearly, he’s very excited to meet his new little sister. But, it’s nice to have some mama-son bonding time first on Bringing Up Bates.

Bringing Up Bates: Bradley Bates

Zach Bates and Kaci – Tea Party For Two

Soon on Bringing Up Bates, the eldest Bates son Zach does some bonding of his own with his little girl Kaci. Like, Whitney, he wants to give the kids a little time of their own before the baby arrives. So, daddy and daughter have a tea party for two which is one of Kaci’s favorite things to do.

However, there is no tea to be found in the house because Zach is trying to lose weight and he tends to load it with sugar. So, they improvise with hot chocolate. However, the teapot springs a leak. Needless to say, it may not go smoothly but it sure looks like a blast on Bringing Up Bates.


Bringing Up Bates: Zach and Whitney Ready for Baby Number 3

Coming up on Bringing Up Bates, Zach and his wife Whitney head to the hospital to welcome their third little one. In their experience with their other two children, Zach says there’s a period of time right before birth up until the baby is born that Whitney gets very emotional. Of course, that causes him to get emotional as well.

Also, he says it’s like all of life stands still while they wait for this new little baby. Clearly, they are full of joy and anticipation as they wait to meet their newest daughter. Keep up with the Bringing Up Bates family Thursday on UPtv and follow along with Whitney Perkins Bates and her husband Zach Bates as they welcome their new little bundle.

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