‘Bringing Up Bates’ Update: Tori Bates and Bobby Smith’s Son Kolter Gray is Born

Bringing Up Bates celebs Tori Bates Smith and Bobby Smith gave birth to Kolter Gray Smith.  Tori and Bobby are now proud parents of two handsome little boys. Certainly, this is a scary and difficult time so it’s nice to see a little ray of sunshine. No doubt, Bobby and Tori are ecstatic to begin life as a family of four.

Bringing Up Bates: Bobby Smith & Tori Bates Smith’s Second Addition

On March 25, Bringing Up Bates couple Bobby Smith and lovely Tori Bates Smith brought their second son into the world. At 4:17 pm little Kolter Gray Smith was born at 6lbs 6oz and 29 inches long. Certainly, they’ve been waiting anxiously to meet their new bundle. And, to introduce him to big brother Kade who can’t wait to meet his little brother. Tori is so happy to now be a mom of two.

More Children Coming?

Tori and Bobby surely want more kids down the road. Maybe, next time they will get their little girl so Kade and Kolter Gray can have a baby sister. Coming from such a large family it’s no surprise that Tori wants a big brood of her own.

Certainly, Bobby is on board as well to grow their family. Their hearts overflow with love for their child on Bringing Up Bates. But, of course, there’s always plenty of room for more!

Bringing Up Bates: Tori Bates Smith - Kolter Gray Smith

Tori Bates Smith is Bobby’s Queen and Supermom

Bobby Smith of Bringing up Bates can’t sing Tori Bates Smith’s praises enough. Certainly, he thinks the world of his wife and “couldn’t be more proud.” He shares with fans that Tori has been a total champion and also that she is his “absolute queen.” Surely, he loves everything from her beauty to her awesome mom skills and the way she nurtures their boys.

No doubt, she gets a lot of support from her husband and he adores being a father as well. They have such a full life together and even more time lately to spend together while house-bound. Surely, it’s the perfect opportunity to show their love for one another. In addition to each other, they both have their faith to get them through on Bringing Up Bates.

Bringing Up Bates: Bobby Smith - Tori Bates Smith - Kolter Gray Smith

Parenting During COVID-19 – Bringing Up Bates

Surely, life is a bit more complex for Bringing Up Bates parents Tori Bates Smith and husband Bobby Smith right now because of COVID-19. No doubt, it’s tough to be stuck in the house especially with two very young children. Of course, the birth of their new son is a joy they want to share with their families. However, the current pandemic prevents it. So, they plan to make the most of it by video chat and social media.

At least, their families can still see Kolter Gray and keep up with their families. Remember, Josie Bates Balka and Carlin Bates Stewart just had babies as well. So, they can do lots of virtual playdates. No doubt, they are sure to make the best of it and enjoy the extra family time. Get your dose of Bringing Up Bates with new episodes Thursday nights at 9 pm on UP tv. Follow along with Tori Bates Smith and hubby Bobby Smith as they enjoy life with new baby Kolter Gray Smith.

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