‘Bringing Up Bates’ Spoilers: Nathan’s New Lady – Season 10 Update – Baby News and More

Bringing Up Bates spoilers reveals the new season kicks off with Nathan Bates bringing his girlfriend home to meet the family. Plus, the Bates sisters take a huge step, and there’s more baby news ahead when new episodes of the UPtv reality show return.

Bringing Up Bates: Bates Sister’s Boutique Takes Off

Bringing Up Bates spoilers find the Bates’ Sister’s Boutique taking the next step. Viewers may recall that Erin Bates Paine, Whitney Perkins Bates, and Carlin Bates Stewart own an online clothing company together.

When fresh episodes resume, the ladies purchase storefront property for their clothing store. The girls are ecstatic and can’t wait to share their business progress with fans. Also, Erin shares her struggle with COVID.

At first, Erin thought that she could push through it. However, it seemed to be much tougher than she imagined. Thankfully, her husband Chad Paine is her rock and took care of her, promise Bringing Up Bates spoilers.

Bringing Up Bates: Nathan Bates - Esther Keyes

Nathan Bates Brings Esther Home to Meet the Family

Soon, on Bringing Up Bates, Nathan Bates introduces his lady love Esther Keyes to the Bates brood. Nathan courted Esther for a while but didn’t bring her home to the family right away.

Nathan admits that going public with his family is like going public with the world. So, Nathan probably wanted some time for him and Esther to get to know each other before being in the public eye. Nathan’s parents Gil Bates and Kelly Jo Bates, are excited to meet Esther, and so are the rest of the Bates.

No doubt, Esther is ecstatic to meet the Bates’ clan as well finally. Nathan and Esther seem very happy together. Perhaps, there may be wedding bells for Esther and Nathan Bates soon on Bringing Up Bates.  

Bringing Up Bates: Katie Bates - Travis Clark

Katie Bates & Travis Clark Going Strong on UPtv

Updates for Bringing Up Bates tell us that Katie Bates and her boyfriend, Travis Clark are still a happy couple. Kelly Jo and Gil love Travis and are happy for him and Katie. However, the word engagement drops soon, and Gil is not ready for it.

Lucky for Gil, Travis doesn’t seem to be ready to pop the question just yet. Katie and Travis are still quite young and have plenty of time to enjoy courting without rushing into marriage.

The uplifting reality show returns on April 8th at 9 pm EST on UPtv. Don’t miss it to see Nathan Bates introduce Esther along with all of the other exciting news.

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