‘Bringing up Bates’: Josie and Kelton Finish Up Their House – Fun Crafts With the Kids

Bringing up Bates stars Josie Bates Balka and husband Kelton Balka put the final touches on their new house with the help of the family. Plus, Michaella Bates Keilen plans a day of fun for the younger kids. The sneak peek below is a spoiler video the next episode of Bringing up Bates on UPtv.

Bringing Up Bates: Lawson Lends A Hand To Josie Bates & Kelton Balka

Soon on Bringing up Bates, Kelton Balka and wife Josie Bates Balka finish up the work on their new house. Josie’s brother Lawson Bates is on board to tear things up. So, he comes over to help along with Erin Bates Paine and her husband Chad Pain. Remember, Chad owns a construction company and is a skilled craftsman.

He’s built many things for the Bates’ family over the years. Lawson’s skills, on the other hand, are in the music department. However, he is still willing to help as much as he can. Soon, Erin introduces him to the German schmear technique but he can’t quite seem to get the hang of it on the next Bringing Up Bates.

Bringing Up Bates: Lawson Bates

Erin Schools the Family on The German Schmear

On the next Bringing Up Bates, Erin helps Kelton Balka and little sister Josie Bates Balka complete their new home. She suggests the German schmear which is not only paint but a texture, explains Erin. It’s very simple to do and is extremely budget-friendly.

However, the technique causes quite a stir among the family as they try to figure out exactly what it is. Also, Erin gets hubby Chad and her brother Lawson to help with the heavy lifting. But, they need her guidance to get it just right on the newest Bringing Up Bates.


Michaella Wrangles The Little Kids For Fun In The Kitchen

Coming up on Bringing Up Bates, Michaella and Brandon Keilen take all the little kids for an entire day of crafts and fun. Soon, they have lots in store for the little brood including candied apple-making and Rice Krispy treats as well. No doubt, it will be interesting to get a house full of little ones with sticky substances.

Clearly, they’re in for an adventure and are sure to have their hands full. However, Michaella is in her element when she’s with children so it’s sure to go off without a hitch. Check out the new Bringing up Bates Thursday at 9 PM on UPtv to see the completion of Josie Bates and Kelton Balka’s new home.