‘Bringing up Bates’: Giant Family Vacation – Kelly Jo and Gil Tame Chaos

Bringing up Bates stars Kelly Jo Bates and husband Gil Bates take then entire family on a vacation and try to keep things under control on with some structure. Surely, it will be a blast but, with so many people things can get out of hand fast. The sneak peek below is a spoiler video the next episode of Bringing up Bates.

Bringing Up Bates: Kelly Jo Bates Gives Direction

Soon on Bringing Up Bates, the entire Bates family of over 40 people venture out on a family vacation. Surely, without some direction, things could get wild. So, main mom, Kelly Jo takes the reins and tries to organize things a bit. Of course, with a little help and patience, Kelly Jo can bring order to the trip.

Clearly, Kelly Jo Bates has years of experience in organizing a big family and arranging trips. So, she assigns rooms and tackles the craziness. The cabin they rented is beautiful and they are sure to have an amazing time. All Kelly Jo and Gil need to do is wrangle the kids on Bringing Up Bates.

Bringing Up Bates: Kelly Jo Bates - Tori Bates Smith

Bringing Up Bates: Cooking Gets Complicated – Gil Bates Organizes the Chaos

Soon on Bringing up Bates, the whole clan is off on a family trip and it’s up to Gil Bates and Kelly Jo Bates to keep things in order. Of course, they have a lot of help. All the grown kids will be there but, of course, they have little ones of their own now to look after and their families are growing rapidly. No doubt, they’ll make it work.

Also, Gil finds himself in the kitchen creating a sort of assembly line to get meals done. One person chops onions and one cuts meat while others have their tasks as well. Surely, things will get accomplished because, everyone pitches in and does their part. They all want it to be the best experience possible. Especially, for the little ones on Bringing Up Bates.

Update: The Kids Take Over

On the next Bringing Up Bates, Gil Bates and wife Kelly Jo Bates make sure to schedule plenty of fun time for the little kids. During their vacation, there will be tons of rides and giant bubbles to keep them occupied. While the older kids explore on walks and hikes. Plus, Katie Bates and Travis Clark get to spend some time together as well.

No doubt, it will be an incredible experience for everyone. So, watch and see how Travis Clark surprises Katie Bates on her birthday.

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