‘Braxton Family Values’: Tamar Braxton’s Mom Goes Off – Tamar Pretends to Cry

Braxton Family Values showed Tamar Braxton experiencing the wrath of her mother, Evelyn Braxton. Tamar was popping off as usual, with her neck rolling and lips smacking. Being herself. Iyanla Vanzant was attempting to help Tamar and her sisters, but ended up potentially threatening to sue.

Tamar shut down by her mom on Braxton Family Values

Iyanla asked Tamar if she really wanted to be there, but the youngest Braxton sister shot back, “Do you? Because I don’t appreciate you keep throwing out these names.” Meanwhile, Evelyn told Tamar to calm down. The mom who once threatened to “smack the p*ss out of” Tamar told her daughter to be respectful.

Evelyn reminded Tamar that she was not raised in a manner to disrespect her elders. Despite her agreeing or disagreeing with Vanzant, Evelyn advised Tamar to speak her feelings in a way that was respectful. Trina Braxton seemed to want to interject, but Evelyn told her other daughter that she had the situation handled. “I see the hurt. I know you’re hurt,” Evelyn told her, saying that she knew she was frustrated.

Braxton Family Values – Tamar Braxton’s apology to Traci falls flat

Meanwhile on Braxton Family Values Vanzant encouraged Tamar Braxton to breathe as she attempted to apologize to Traci Braxton for not supporting her sister during difficult times. “You’re not breathing,” Vanzant said. “Remember your breath; you gotta breathe.”

As Tamar’s shoulders shook and her face contorted, viewers noticed that no tears fell from her eyes. “Forgive me for not showing you compassion and sympathy when you really needed it,” she said.

Who’s going to correct Tamar Braxton?

When Tamar Braxton began to go on her rant, Vanzant wondered aloud who would step in to stop the behavior. There’s been no consequence, Vanzant noticed. The life coach taught the women to demonstrate to one another how to disagree with each other and draw boundaries.

In the end, a big part of the problem revolved around Traci allegedly not making it clear that she would not go on strike with her sisters. They claimed she didn’t communicate her decision clearly, whilst Traci said she did. “Lies!” Tamar hollered. On the other hand, Traci claimed that her decision to go against the strike was made clear, and everybody gasped when she made the choice.

Braxton Family Values – Is Tamar Braxton okay?

After the performances like those seen in the above videos,Tamar Braxton’s state of mind is being questioned by viewers. Whether it is fallout from her divorce from Vincent Herbert or other issues, She is once again at the center of controversy.

“Tamar please forgive me for making you think you have a right to speak to me in that manner. I want to let you know that as of today I’m revoking that privilege,” Vanzant said. She instructed the sisters about how to speak to their youngest sister.

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