‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Wyatt Furious at Liam’s Spencer Publications Takeover

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for late September indicate that Wyatt [Darin Brooks] won’t take it lying down that Liam [Scott Clifton] is the new CEO of the family business. Wyatt just bragged to Katie [Heather Tom] that he’s his father’s heir apparent since he’s more like Dollar Bill [Don Diamont] than Liam ever will be. Wyatt is right about that, but Liam’s got the big chair – and his brother is furious!

Wyatt and Liam square off over CEO seat

Bold spoilers predict that Wyatt has a lot at stake. First, he assumed he’d get the CEO seat when Bill stepped down. Second, Wyatt wasn’t expecting Bill to “retire” and third, Wyatt doesn’t want to look like a loser in front of his step-mother lover. Wyatt heads to Spencer Publications soon to confront Liam. Wyatt doesn’t see how Liam could have been chosen over him and faces off with his brother.

B&B history shows Liam is usually pretty laid back – way too laid back, to tell the truth. But with Wyatt casting doubt on Liam’s ability to run Spencer Publications, Liam has had enough and pushes back. Liam resents Wyatt telling him he’s not strong enough to run the family business and pushes back hard on Wyatt because Liam has big plans to change Spencer and doesn’t want Wyatt interfering.

B&B Liam Black Eye

Wyatt can’t let it go

The newest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from CBS Soaps in Depth also say that Liam intends to keep his dad’s dirty secret. Since Bill accepted the terms of Liam’s blackmail, he won’t tell Wyatt what their father did. As Liam said, he’s trying to protect Bill from himself – and from going to jail. But Wyatt won’t leave things alone and it might be that Liam has no choice but to clue Wyatt in on Bill’s arson.

Of course, now that Brooke knows, the secret won’t stay contained, right? Next week, Ridge [Thorsten Kaye] realizes Brooke and Bill are on the outs and tries to take advantage. How long until Brooke reveals the terrible secret she’s keeping for her husband? It seems inevitable that the truth will come out and there’s no telling what Ridge will do with that damning information.

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