‘Bold and the Beautiful’Spoilers: Emma Unhinged – Hope to the Rescue?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and previews hint to Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) becoming unhinged as she is consumed with jealousy. The former Dance Mom’s star, Nia, joined the Bold and the Beautiful in the role of Emma as an intern for Forrester Creations. In a very odd turn of events, Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) may just become Emma’s savior.

Bold and the Beautiful Switching Partners?

Emma originally joined FC as a woman who appeared to have her head on straight. Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes), flew in from London to get her man back. Furthermore, her character started off as someone who looked a bit devious and possibly dangerous.

Emma and Zoe both have Xander Avant (Adain Bradley) in their sights. He is Zoe’s ex and Xander also happens to be Emma’s new love interest. While this is true, Emma and Xander have just barely shared a kiss.

Zoe Buckingham has Psycho-Like Tendencies?

B&B spoilers promised Zoe would eventually reveal psycho-like tendencies. It sure started out that way when it looked as if she was gearing up to be a dangerous stalker for Emma. But… the Bold and the Beautiful tide is changing.

Emma is showing her immaturity lately and overstepping her boundaries. She confronts Zoe and tells her that she and Xander “kissed.” Zoe lets her know she had a “mature” relationship with Xander and it entailed much more than a kiss. It was during this scene that Zoe appeared to carry the majority of the maturity, leaving Emma looking like a teenie bopper with a crush.

Emma Barber Gets Latest Sufferer of B&B’s Green-Eyed Monster

Emma is so consumed with jealousy that she walks into an FC meeting that Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) is holding and pleads her case. She wants Zoe fired and wants it stated for the record that Zoe is trouble.

She’s already confronted Thorne Forrester, (Ingo Rademacher) about Zoe’s hire. Now it appears she upped the ante by bringing her woes to the FC meeting, a meeting she wasn’t involved in. On Friday’s show, Xander hears about Emma’s campaign to rid FC of Zoe. He gets this scoop from Thorne and he isn’t too pleased. He did say, “Emma is just an intern like me” in a very surprised reaction over Emma crossing these boundaries.

Bold and the Beautiful Zoe Buckingham and Xander Avant 1


Xander is given the advice to work it out between the three of them, as they are all now FC employees. When that does happen, Zoe comes off looking like the victim. It seems Emma is amped up to a point that she won’t back down.

Hope Logan Sees Herself in Emma?

Emma did plead her case in front of Hope, who was in the same place as Emma recently. While Hope is carrying Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton)’s baby and Emma is not pregnant, Hope may still see a bit of her past pain in Emma.

It is too bad Emma didn’t take the chance to press charges on Zoe when offered that alternative a few weeks back. Emma was given the decision to press charges against Zoe for the threats she made online to Emma. The other alternative was for Zoe to pack up and move back to London.

Zoe agreed to move and while she did take her time about it, she was packing when Thorne came to her door offering her a job at FC. Zoe has apologized for her threats and she seems to be concentrating on her new gig.

Of course, she’s not giving up on Xander and she’s pretty much told Emma this. This campaign to move Zoe along is starting to look like it is nothing but pure jealousy on Emma’s part. That’s not a good look for Emma.

At first, the threats made online were thought to be targeting Hope. This had everyone in an uproar, but it was Xander who put the puzzle together that it was Zoe targeting Emma. It could be that Hope will think back on this and grant Emma her wish?

After all, the FC gang was ready to tar and feather the person targeting Hope. Now that Emma was the discovered target, why has everything been swept under the rug?

Bold and the Beautiful Hope Logan - Annika Noelle

Zoe or Emma – Unhinged?

If Emma doesn’t get her way, one of these two women is bound to come unhinged. Don’t forget Xander fleed London trying to get away from Zoe and viewers don’t know what she did to lead him to this. No one knows what Zoe is capable of.

For that matter, no one knows what Emma is capable of either. She is young and fighting for the man of her dreams. The green-eyed monster has already taken hold of her. She had the audacity to suggest FC kick Zoe out the door and then confront Zoe, demanding she leaves.

Xander Avant Another Liam Spencer?

Is Xander turning into another Liam, not being able to make a choice between these two women? As the IBT suggests, Xander and Zoe have already shared a special moment.

He’s already softened up to Zoe and they shared a passionate embrace over Harry the cat’s death. While he backed up once realizing what he just did, it does suggest he still has feelings for Zoe.

Where will Bold and the Beautiful spin this storyline? Will Hope come to Emma’s rescue and make the case that hiring Zoe wasn’t a good idea. After all, they did give Emma that decision and she agreed to let Zoe go without involving the police as long as she went back to London.

Does Hope see herself in Emma and insist Thorne stick with the original plan, which means Zoe leaves? Or will one of the women show their true colors and make life a living Hades for the other? Come back to Soap Dirt often for all your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.