‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Wayne Brady Attacked by B&B Fans Over Stolen Baby Storyline

Bold and the Beautiful cast member Wayne Brady, who plays Reese Buckingham on the show, took to social media to share what some negative fans had to say about his character. Reese has not become a fan favorite, as he kidnapped Hope Logan’s (Annika Noelle) baby and told her that her child died. Fans definitely made sure he knew this!

Bold and the Beautiful News: Wayne Brady Shares Negative Fan Reaction to Character

Wayne Brady has been enjoying his time on Bold and the Beautiful, even though some fans don’t care for his character Reese. Reese, Zoe Buckingham’s (Kiara Barnes) father, is definitely a shady guy. He lied to Hope and to Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) about the death of their newborn baby!

Some Bold and the Beautiful followers have definitely let him know that they really hate his character on the show, and have even ended up messaging him on his social media platforms! In good spirit, Wayne took to his social accounts to let people know that he isn’t his character.

After a fan told him that she hates the role and hopes his Bold and the Beautiful storyline ends soon. Wayne Brady shared these messages to his social accounts. The fan continued to message him her negative thoughts, something that he says a lot of B&B fans have done.

B&B Spoilers: Nothing But Love From Wayne Brady

While any other person may become upset about the negative messages, Wayne Brady said that he was okay with her opinions. He also made sure to express that he didn’t want anyone to hate on the woman in any capacity.

Wayne rady wrote, “Soap fans are a loyal bunch and that’s wonderful. Love what you love! That’s what entertainment is for. But don’t get it confused with real life.”

He continued, explaining how happy he was that people were upset over his character, as Reese definitely has some issues. He’s not supposed to be a good character! People should feel annoyed and upset with him!

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Reese Buckingham Plans Baby Adoption

Bold and the Beautiful fans have a reason to be upset with Reese Buckingham. After lying to Liam Spencer and Hope Logan about the death of their baby, it looks like he is trying to get Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to adopt the child. He plans on Steffy paying him a large amount to adopt the child.

He has a whole scheme set in place, though this could fall apart at any moment. While Steffy desperately wants another baby so that her daughter can have a sister, she could end up not adopting at all. After all, Steffy feels horrible about considering this option while Hope and Liam just lost their baby girl.

Reese began this whole baby scheme after certain thugs began threatening him for money. He owes them a lot, and he has none. The last thing he wants is for his daughter to get hurt, so he needs money fast.

B&B Spoilers: The Truth Comes Out

The truth on Bold and the Beautiful will eventually come out. Though there’s no telling when this will happen. However, hopefully, all involved learn the truth before too much damage happens. And hopefully, Liam and Hope learn that their daughter is alive!

As so many people could find themselves involved in this situation, Reese could potentially be found out by so many people. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo), who has an intimate relationship with him, could be the first to discover his misdeed.

Reese’s plan may spiral out of control at any point. While Reese is definitely not a great guy on Bold and the Beautiful, Wayne Brady is not his character. It’s important to remember that he’s just playing a role on the show — and playing this role quite well!

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