‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Thomas Mentally Ill or Just a Creep?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers wonder what’s up with Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). He’s ignoring all the signs that Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) isn’t into him at all. She cringed her way through their wedding then walked out on their honeymoon night.

Still, he’s got his fantasy in his head that if Hope sleeps with him, she’ll miraculously fall for him. Some headlines are blaring that Thomas has a serious mental illness. But does he? The fact is, he might just be a creep and a pervert on the CBS soap. Take a look.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Forrester Gets Shadier

If you thought he was at his low point, look again at Thomas Forrester. B&B spoilers say that he’s outraged that Hope denied him sex on their wedding night. Despite the fact that she told him clearly she’s not ready for intimacy so soon after her annulment. He’s not listening. In fact, he presses her constantly and at every turn.

Thomas Forrester keeps stripping down and trying to be provocative, showing off his muscles. Clearly, he thinks the sight of him in all his masculine glory will send Hope swooning. Now, he sets them up a staycation honeymoon, and Bold and the Beautiful spoilers ask if he might drug her. That seems like something he could do. But is he mentally disturbed or just an awful manipulating man?

B&B Spoilers: Gone Too Far – Is Thomas Irredeemable?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint Thomas Forrester has drugs left over from when he does Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) who then slept with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). So, these pills obviously lower inhibitions. Fans are in an uproar worried he’ll dose Hope Logan. He justifies it saying since they’re married, she should be in his bed.

He lied, threatened, drugged Hope’s ex, and driven someone off the road. Antics ramp up before he’s busted. Some viewers think if he’s certifiably insane, then his behavior can be excused and him redeemed. But if he’s just a creep, there’s no coming back, tease Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. Someone that sinister needs jail, not therapy, right?

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Sticks Around – Or Does This Awful Plot Ruin Character?

B&B fans loved Pierson Fode in the role of Thomas Forrester. But he didn’t have that evil edge the recast actor embodies. He’s a sneaky, shady dude that viewers seem to unilaterally despise. That must mean he’s doing a job in the role since he’s convincing as a perverted predator preying on poor Hope. So, is Thomas Forrester done for when this horrible plot unfolds and the truth comes out?

It could be, hint Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, that Thomas won’t be on the CBS soap much longer. The baby Beth truth rips apart his marriage to Hope and could send her running back to Liam. Beyond that, his role and devious deeds might see him behind bars. It doesn’t seem likely there’s any way to keep Thomas Forrester around after this reveal. But wait and see. So what do you think – crazy or a creeper?

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