‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Steffy’s Wedding Dress Brands Her as Bill’s – Liam Furious at Wacky Dress

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise when Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) slips on that mystery wedding dress, she may feel branded by Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is sure to be Furious at the wedding dress. But will the dress or a coming battle at her wedding be enough to change this scorned woman’s mind on her power marriage to Dollar Bill?

The Bold and the Beautiful Wedding Dress – Dollar Bill Spencer’s surprise

Unexpected perks still lurk in the shadows for Steffy after Bill’s day of surprises on Tuesday’s Bold and the Beautiful. One of those is the yet unseen wedding dress that Bill Spencer conjured up, sight unseen by Steffy.

So what’s up with this wedding dress and how does it figure into Steffy’s wedding decision? Hints dropped on The Bold and the Beautiful, along with the latest B&B spoilers, suggest the dress may be more than just a fancy wedding garment. It could be a statement.

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Liam Spencer’s Spineless Waffling – Steffy Forrester is gone

B&B spoilers showed Bill Spencer did his best to convince Steffy Forrester to marry today. Meanwhile, Liam Spencer is getting false knowledge on the other side of LA. Liam demonstrates once again that he has no backbone as he lets others push him in a direction he’s not ready to travel.

On Tuesday’s show, he appears resigned to the fact that Steffy is gone from his life. Easing his conscience, he takes a cowardly turn by blaming their split on Steffy. Liam claims to love two women, and his guiding light in all of this may be Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang).

Bold’s Mother-Daughter Duo Works on Liam Spencer

Liam Spencer’s getting hammered with marching orders from Brooke. She’s got a dual agenda. Brooke is planting an evil seed in his head about Steffy. She’s also got Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) preaching the same mantra to Liam. He’s getting it from both sides.

Hope echoes her mother’s words back at Liam whenever they’re alone together. Liam is like a sponge who absorbed all the strategies of espionage created by Brooke and delivered by Hope. They easily turned him against Steffy – but then someone else interjects an opinion.

Hope’s Happy to Be Liam’s Consolation Prize

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that both Liam Spencer and Hope are a sad pair whining about Steffy’s maverick marriage plans. Thanks to Brooke and Hope, Liam Spencer sees Steffy Forrester running to Bill Spencer as unforgivable. This gives Hope a false sense of security that Liam will settle for her.

She doesn’t care how she gets him – and doesn’t seem to mind being his second choice. B&B spoilers hint that Hope has visions of her and Liam together forever as a family. The two think they have the moral high ground because of each other’s past actions. They have convinced themselves that what they did is not so bad in light of Steffy’s alliance with Bill Spencer.

Bold and the Beautiful’s Sad Excuse for a Man?

With Liam now in a mindset that “she done me wrong” it’s the perfect moment for Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) to make demands. Ridge calls Liam a “boy” and puts him down as a coward, along with being less than a man. He throws the Dollar Bill book of life at him reminding Liam of his own upbringing by the man who will now raise his daughter Kelly.

If this was a cartoon, smoke would be bellowing out of Liam’s ears to signify his thought process is changing. He soaks up Ridge’s words just like he soaked up Brooke’s. Now he’s getting into warrior mode. Ridge tells Liam to fight and according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, so that’s what he sets out to do.

Temporary Backbone

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Liam Spencer grows a backbone, however temporary this may be. Before this marriage between Bill Spencer and Steffy Forrester can take place, battles rage. Side are forming – son against father and husband against wife – as a spectacular blowup is promised.

Brooke was furious at Ridge for interfering in Hope’s life. She walked in on her husband giving Hope heck for almost hooking up with Liam. Brooke is interfering too. Bold spoilers hint that Brooke and Ridge’s marriage may not survive this bitter battle.

Mystery Dress

Back at Casa Spencer, Bill planned an immediate wedding to Steffy. The wedding dress completes Bill’s plan. Bold spoilers suggest the dress may brand Steffy as symbolically Bill’s. Perhaps it will feature an embroidered dollar bill or silk-painted sword. It could be anything signifying the wearer of this dress is the property of Bill.

The dress was meant to be seen only by Steffy and Bill during a private wedding. But if Ridge, Liam, and others crash the wedding, it will be on full display. What better time for a bitter battle between Liam Spencer and Bill? Steffy emerges in the dress ready to wed Bill to get the stock she wants. Who else will show up – Hope and Brooke too?

Bold and the Beautiful Battle Rages

B&B spoilers say that with Steffy ready to be branded Bill’s wife, a last-ditch effort by Liam is in the cards. Soap Hub spoilers describe the battle scene as it starts to unfold. Fans expect Bill and Liam to make “grand gestures and romantic pleas.” on B&B. Steffy is ambiguous about her commitment.

Steffy knows what she wants, but maybe not who she wants. Which man will rise to this occasion and tell her what she wants to hear? Will it be Liam or Bill? Check out the wedding night spoilers if Steffy winds up saying “I do” to Dollar Bill Spencer. Steffy Forrester wants to be the only woman in her mate’s life – that eliminates Liam the human ping-pong ball, since Hope is carrying his child.

What do you think? In the end, will Steffy be crowned Mrs. Steffy Forrester Spencer? Come back to Soap Dirt often for Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.