‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Steffy Mans Up And Proposes to Hope for Liam

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) pulled a powerplay with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) when she proposes to Hope for Liam. This makes her the B&B hero in this long and worn out storyline. Fans watched as Steffy toppled the long-standing love triangle between her, Liam and Hope. Steffy clearly has

Bold and the Beautiful Meddling Proposal

B&B spoilers showed Liam Spencer arrives at Forrester Creations then Steffy and Liam have a short exchange of words. In the meantime, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) continues with her meddling. This becomes obvious when she pushes Hope Logan to crash their private conversation over Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) protest.

Ridge tells Brooke not to put her nose into Steffy’s business but Brooke insists this is Hope’s business as well. Hope Logan has been following her mother’s lead lately when it comes to snagging Liam. With that said, Hope Logan barges in on Steffy and Liam just as mommy ordered.

Steffy Forrester Proposes to Hope Logan

In a very odd turn of events when Bold and the Beautiful spoilers had Steffy Forrester tell Hope to join them. Both Hope and Liam’s jaws begin to drop as Steffy holds the floor. The new co-CEO made a speech about Kelly and Hope’s unborn baby’s future that was just as genius as it was heartfelt. With that said, Steffy’s speech on being the best possible role-models for the new generation of children was a tear-jerker.

Liam Spencer Shocked at Being Discarded

B&B spoilers suggest Liam Spencer is blindsided and shocked that Steffy Forrester discarded him like an unwanted object. Furthermore, this was something evident to the viewers watching Liam squirm. You could see by the way Liam struggled for words and by his flow of tears that this wasn’t his choice.

He tried to stop Steffy Forrester when he saw the writing on the wall. Liam interrupted a few times trying to get Steffy not to go where he thought she was going with her gesture. It was too late, Steffy decided the fate of all three in this love triangle and she handed Liam off to Hope Logan. For her part, Hope Logan was eager and didn’t notice Liam’s shock.

Bold and the Beautiful Seals It With a Ring!

B&B spoilers promise Steffy handed Liam Spencer over, and also the engagement ring Liam gave her. Steffy Forrester put the engagement ring on Hope Logan’s finger as well. Liam Spencer could only watch as Steffy Forrester proposed for him.  He was rendered speechless. He didn’t want to be handed over to Hope without a say in the matter.

Liam was paralyzed. If he told Steffy to stop, it would crush Hope. Bold spoilers indicate that Liam was not a willing participant in this trade-off. Knowing Steffy didn’t marry Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) had Liam ready to play the game again. Before he could tell Steffy that he wants to win her back, that ring was on Hope’s finger. Like it or not, the proposal was over, Liam’s engaged!

Fate is Sealed for Liam Spencer

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show that Liam is getting married – unless he waffles his way out of it. Steffy proposed for Liam and engaged him to Hope while he stood idly by.  Liam did not makeba decision (as usual). Steffy’s revenge turns out to be one very adult-like solution to the triangle that has plagued this trio (and B&B viewers) for so long. She set herself free and in turn sealed Hope and Liam’s future as a couple.

Steffy told Hope that she didn’t want their children seeing them fight over Liam. This would only mirror their own childhood as Brooke and Steffy’s mom fought over Ridge. Steffy is not about to do this to baby Kelly and she knows Hope feels the same about her baby on the way.

Bold and the Beautiful – Liam Speechless

B&B spoilers promise Liam agrees because he is basically left with no other choice. Don’t forget he was just handed over like an object by Steffy Forrester to a beaming Hope. He’s stuck and B&B spoilers hint to Steffy’s choice would not have necessarily been Liams.

Viewers have been exploding with “Steffy’s revenge” and if you think about… this is it. Liam’s choice has been made and against his will. Steffy very shrewdly threw walking in on their hookup in Hope and Liam’s face.

She said his love for Hope was so strong that he couldn’t control himself even with Steffy and his child waiting for him at home. She calls it like she sees it, or does she? Does Steffy know she’s gotten her revenge on Liam by hooking him up with Hope Logan for a lifetime, as this might not be his choice?

What’s Steffy Got Up Her Sleeve?

B&B spoilers suggest it is Hope who is not that optimistic about the future with Liam Spencer despite him getting down on bended knee. Liam’s actions on Friday’s show indicate he thinks Steffy jumped the gun by promising him to Hope. It sounds like Liam does make the best of it. Some Bold spoilers hint that he goes down on one knee to ask for Hope’s hand in marriage.

There’s also talk of a lavish engagement ring. The new ring is said to make the one that  Steffy slipped off her hand and put on Hope’s finger look like an afterthought. Steffy’s words sounded genuine but Hope is not so sure there’s not a second act waiting in the wings of the Steffy theater. As Bold spoilers suggest, Steffy claims they have her blessing but “something just doesn’t feel right” as far as Hope is concerned.

B&B Wedding Planned?

A wedding is in place for the near future, or so B&B spoilers indicate. Dr. Bridget Forrester returns for a “special” family event, according to Soap Opera Digest. Bridget is Brooke’s older daughter and half-sister to Hope.

Liam, who still hasn’t grown a backbone, will not be kicking and screaming down the aisle. But Bold spoilers suggest he’s not happy about it. Is Liam roped into a future he didn’t plan on? Is this part of Steffy’s revenge?

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