‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Steffy Gets Revenge – Liam, Hope, Bill Will Pay!

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) will strike a bargain with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) and agrees to marry him but for a huge price – and with a sinister plan in mind. Fans saw Steffy turn cold and callous after catching Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) with Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) together. But Steffy didn’t want comfort – her heartbreak has suddenly become something totally different. Even the softness of her face now has a hard and uncaring look to it as she enter’s Bill’s office. So what does she have planned?

Wedded Bliss for Bold and the Beautiful’s Scorned Steffy?

B&B spoilers had Steffy discussing marriage to Bill like a business transaction. It is odd to see Steffy diving into business at a time like this. Her heart was just ripped from her chest by what she witnessed. Yet the businesswoman in her steps up instead of a scorned lover. Steffy is looking forward to wedded bliss, but not in the traditional meaning of that term.

It looks like the businesswoman and the scorned lover have become one of the same. Steffy is making this deal with Bill and it’s one that gives her control to ruin a few lives. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers put a wedding planner in the midst in the near future. Celebrity Big Brother winner Marissa Jaret Winokur is back as the wedding planner and it is more than obvious whose nuptials will she be arranging.

Bold and the Beautiful-Steffy-Forrester-Jacqueline-MacInnes-Wood-Bill-Spencer-Don-Diamont.

‘You Lie, You’re Vain, and You Can Be Cruel’ – Marry Me!

Steffy is bound and determined to go through with this despite Ridge and Liam hoping she comes to her senses. Steffy knows just what she’s doing, you heard her spell it out for Bill on Wednesday’s Bold and the Beautiful.

She tells Bill, “you lie, you’re vain, you can be cruel, you confuse love with leverage, but you are consistent and there’s no guesswork with you.” She is taking Bill as he is. At the same time, she makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with love. She said she wants security for herself and her daughter Kelly. But that is not all that is driving this deal.

Once Bill realizes what Steffy is up to, it may be too late. Just to see Bill outsmarted in a business deal may be worth its weight in gold to the fans of Bold. Who better to pull one over on him than the woman he promised to “take care of.” Nope, it looks like Steffy is taking care of him but good! Then again, Bill might admire her ruthless approach since he’s just as cutthroat.

Steffy Sells Her Soul to the Devil

The scene between Steffy and Bill was cold and mechanical. Each one had an agenda for joining their lives in a legally binding way. But this time around, Steffy has outdone Bill in the scheming department.

She signed a contract to become Mrs. Bill Spencer. Now that Steffy has done the closest thing to selling her soul to the devil, the math adds up. According to Soap Oprea Story, the shares at Forrester Creations before this union looked like this:

  • Steffy has 25%
  • Ridge has 20% (and is holding Thomas’ 5% too)
  • Bill has 12.5%
  • Eric has 37.5%

Steffy’s contract with Bill gives her just as many shares as Eric. And if she gets the shares in Thomas’ name, she will have control of Forrester Creations. Thomas should hand his shares to his sister, no problem. These chess moves put Steffy in a position to abolish the Hope for the Future line. This way, she has control of Hope’s life as well as Liam’s life. This appears to be the goal of this marriage.

B&B Ruthless Romance Blossoms

You’ve already seen Steffy cringe when Bill tried to kiss her and there is plenty more of this to come. Then there’s Steffy father who has no idea what his daughter is plotting and that she is only using Bill as her means of doing this. She’s got everything covered in this contract including a future divorce if need be.

Bold and the Beautiful-Steffy-Forrester-Jacqueline-MacInnes-Wood-Bill-Spencer-Don-Diamont.

Furious Father

Now fans have a good idea what Thursday’s blowup with Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) is about. Her father can’t possibly know the ulterior motive in her contract with Bill, he just sees Dollar as owning his daughter.

In Ridge’s mind, Bill is taking advantage of Steffy’s heartbreak. Little does he know it is Steffy planning something rather evil that is driving this up and coming marriage.

Bill hangs that trinket around Steffy’s neck like a badge of ownership and when Ridge sees this on his daughter he goes ballistic. Or so the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest.

B&B Blindside Coming for Hope

Then there is Hope who is getting a lot of false security out of her mother Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). She has Hope believing that Liam has made his choice with that kiss and it is Hope he has picked.

Brooke continues on with this line of badgering despite Hope telling her Liam left her to run after Steffy. Hope is taking in everything her mother is saying and she suddenly sees her future with Liam. Little does Hope know that Liam’s full-time job for the next few weeks is to stop this wedding between Steffy and Bill.

Steffy’s Revenge – Lives Torn Apart

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that if Steffy gets her way, there will only be one winner in this game – and it’ll be her. Steffy will soon be in a position to shut down Hope’s fashion line, throw her and Liam both out of FC, and also exact revenge on Bill. Steffy hasn’t forgotten that Bill had a hand in pushing Liam and Hope together.

Once she says “I do” then it will be time to show everyone how she’ll make them pay. Steffy was telling the truth when she said that securing Kelly’s future is all that matters. That’s exactly what Steffy is doing. She’ll make sure no one hurts her or her daughter again and Bill will hand her the tool to do the job. He’s got no idea she’s about to turn the tables on him too!

What do you think? Can anyone talk Steffy out of her diabolical plan? Is she about to outplay Dollar Bill and everyone who has hurt her? Check back with Soap Dirt often for the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.