‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Heather Tom Has a Parent’s Real-Life Nightmare at the Beach

Bold and the Beautiful stars, like Heather Tom, aren’t any different than the rest of us. When it comes to summer they take the kids to the beach. One recent day of sand and surf won’t be forgotten anytime soon by this soap star. A day unfolded that put a Bold star in a situation that is every parent’s worst nightmare. Her child went missing.

Heather Tom’s Real-Life Scare

Heather Tom, who plays Katie Logan on the Bold and the Beautiful, recently shared this horrific experience. She took to Twitter to report the very harrowing time she went through when the “unimaginable” happened. According to Soap Hub, Tom recently shared how a day at the beach with her husband James Achor quickly turned into a scare.

While enjoying the outing, their 8-year-old son Zane wandered off. As you might imagine, both Tom and her husband were living in a scenario often seen on the screen. But this wasn’t the screen and no one was playing a role. It was a real-life urgent situation for these parents. Luckily their ordeal wasn’t long-lasting as Zane had been found at the Life Guard Station.

Beach-Goers to the rescue

Tom wrote about the ordeal on Twitter. She said how Zane is a timid kid and he was a bit too shy to ask for help. But thankfully it was the beach-goers who led Tom and her husband to their son.

People at the beach who happened to see a little boy by himself alerted the Bold and the Beautiful actress. At the same time, the beach-goers pointed the couple in the direction where they saw the little boy.

Bold and the Beautiful Star’s Son Found Safe and Sound

With all this help and the fact that Tom and Achor noticed Zane was gone almost immediately, Zane wasn’t gone very long. But even a very short time of not being able to lock eyes on your child on a busy beach is a nightmare.

Besides the dangers of being in the crowd lurking in your mind, you have the danger of the water also in the back of your head.

Shares with B&B Fans on Twitter

Tom shared her ordeal on Twitter for a few reasons. One because her fans care about her and her son and the other, well because she is a parent. Sharing this event might make other parents realize just how quickly something like this could happen.

Tom also shared on her Twitter account how this made her think of the plight of other children. Specifically, those who were taken away from their parents at the border. She went on for a dozen or so tweets about how Zane went missing, however for a short time, while at the beach.

Heather Tom has Pretty Impressive Career

According to CBS, In 2012, “five-time Emmy Award winner Heather Tom set a record as the only actor in television history to win an Emmy Award in all three Performer categories.” The categories are, “Younger, Supporting and Lead Actress, according to the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.”

Tom also holds the record for “being the most Emmy Award-nominated actress under the age of 40.” Come back to Soap Dirt often for Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.