‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Will Thorne Blab Katie And Wyatt’s Secret To Dollar Bill?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show that Katie Logan (Heather Tom) and Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) won’t give up on their love so easily despite threats from Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) but will he figure out they’re tricking him? Wyatt and Katie’s relationship has been filled with ups, downs, and misunderstandings. Just when it seemed as though they had finally gotten it right and were happily engaged, they met their biggest roadblock in Katie’s awful ex-husband who just happens to be Wyatt’s overbearing father Bill. B&B spoilers wonder if love will conquer all or will one lonely LA bachelor going to make problems for Watie?

Bill’s Threats Ended B&B Engagement

Fans saw from B&B spoilers that Bill has offered Wyatt the keys to the kingdom if he calls off his engagement to Katie. Katie, knowing that running Spencer Publications is Wyatt’s dream in life, agreed to call off the engagement, but not the relationship. Bold viewers don’t think that is the end of Watie – not by a long shot! Katie isn’t just going to take this lying down, especially because Bill threatened to take her son from her. Instead, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from She Knows say Katie is going to seek some advice from someone fans may or may not believe. She is going to her older sister Brooke Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang).

It’s a bit of a twist considering Brooke was a major reason that Bill and Katie’s marriage broke up, but what fans may or may not realize is that Brooke has also helped Katie pull one over on their shared bully of an ex-husband. After all, this isn’t the first time that Dollar Bill has tried to rip Katie’s son away from her. When Katie found herself distraught over the affair between Bill and Brooke, she started drinking. Then Bill threatened to take Will from her despite Katie having cleaned herself up and getting off the booze. Brooke stepped in and was able to broker peace between the warring parents.

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Brooke’s Got Katie’s Back on Bold and the Beautiful

Bold spoilers reveal that isn’t the only time that Brooke stepped up and had Katie’s back against the overbearing Spencer patriarch. Bill lost half of his fifty percent stake in Spencer Publications in his first divorce from Katie and he thought he was going to be able to manipulate and play  Katie to get the stock back by telling her that he loved her and wanted her back. When Brooke learned about this she knew she had to do something so when Bill came to see her Brooke switched the papers with a bunch of leaves and she and Katie tore the papers up allowing her to keep control of Spencer Publications.

If Katie and Wyatt are going to truly pull off this scheme and pull the wool over Bill’s eyes, then Brooke would be the one to help them. She could also help Katie gain some perspective on the relationships in her life and it’s not just about Wyatt and Bill. Katie isn’t just dealing with Wyatt. Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) is also breathing down her neck and trying to get closer to take advantage of the tough situation that Katie now finds herself in because he wants Katie in his life. Thorne seems determined to get at least one of the Logan sisters in his bed!

B&B's Thorne and Katie kiss

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Thorne Complicates Katie’s Life

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers know that Thorne has made his interest in Katie plain every since he figured out that he had no shot with Brooke because she was in love with his brother Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). Thorne has been kind of a pebble in Katie and Wyatt’s relationship and he feels that Wyatt isn’t the man for her. Thorne thinks that he’s a much better choice for Katie, but it doesn’t seem like her heart leans towards the handsome Forrester brother. Brooke has had more than her fair share of tough man situations, so she can advise Katie on what to do.

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What should Brooke tell her sister to do? Should Brooke tell her to stick with Wyatt and keep the relationship a secret until Wyatt gets control of Spencer Publications? Or should Brooke advise Katie to stand up to Bill? Will Brooke think it’s a good idea to just let Wyatt go and move on with Thorne, a man who can be completely open and committed to her? Will Katie be strong enough to follow her heart? Will Thorne figure out Katie is still seeing Wyatt and blab to Bill to try and break Watie up so he can pursue Katie? All this explodes in coming weeks on B&B.

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