‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Will Thomas Propose to Hope Again – ‘B&B’ Replays Ancient History?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease another go-round for Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). Even new actor’s faces can’t disguise a recycled plot and it seems like that’s where we’re headed on B&B. If you recall your not-so-ancient history, you’ve likely noticed some similarities between what’s brewing now and a storyline from seven years ago. All we need is sunny Cabo San Lucas and an ATV… Here’s what is coming back around on the CBS soap it seems.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Forrester and Hope Logan – Take Two

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers set the stage for Thomas and Hope to get another shot at love. All it took was some tragic deaths… And there’s the motive for Thomas Forrester to try and get Hope Logan away from Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). This time, instead of Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) pushing Liam at Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), it’s Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo). But it’s still the same basic plot.

There’s a meddling parent on Bold and the Beautiful pushing things in the direction they want. Taylor wants Steffy to get her happy ending with Liam. And she also wants Thomas Forrester to settle into life in LA and be happy. Seeing Hope Logan taking good care of sad little Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) inspired the psychiatrist to start scheming. She justifies that it would be the best outcome for all.

B&B Spoilers: Remember When Thomas Was a Mother Lover?

If you’re a newer Bold and the Beautiful viewer or need a refresher, here goes. Back around 2010, Thomas Forrester (then Adam Gregory) had a crush on Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) that nearly drove his mom Taylor Hayes off the deep end. Of course, that entanglement also helped Taylor steal Ridge for a hot minute. Then in 2012, Thomas decided he wanted Hope Logan (then Kim Matula).

Back then on B&B, Hope dumped Liam for fooling around with Steffy. Ping pong Liam married Steffy but still had an eye for Hope (because he’s a waffler). So, Steffy and Thomas decided that him getting with Hope Logan would ensure both Forrester siblings got who they wanted. That led them to shenanigans in Cabo San Lucas that resulted in Steffy getting a brain injury and Thomas getting a reality check.

Bold and the Beautiful: Maybe Thomas Still Has That Engagement Ring…

So, down in Mexico, totally on accident on B&B, Thomas was with Hope while Steffy was with Liam. Dollar Bill and Steffy got Thomas some bling to put a ring on it and he proposed to Hope. She said “no thanks” because she was still butthurt over Liam cheating. But Steffy needed Thomas Forrester to seal the deal so she got Hope Logan liquored up so she’d sleep with Thomas. It was mission accomplished.

But then karma came for Steffy who wound up crashing her ATV on Bold and the Beautiful. Thomas Forrester later came clean to Hope that Steffy was pushing him towards her to clear the way for his sister to keep Liam. That sealed the deal for Hope Logan who curb kicked Thomas. That set the stage for him to get with now-dead Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey). But the lingering question is who wound up with the ring?

B&B Spoilers: This Time Taylor’s Scheming for Thomas and Hope

Last week on Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas Forrester was heart-warmed to see Hope playing so sweetly with Douglas. Taylor took notice too and laid the groundwork with Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) to push them together. Upcoming spoilers for the CBS soap reveal that Thomas makes it plain to Hope Logan that he and Caroline were NOT romantically involved. That’s good info for her to have.

Then, Ridge stuns Brooke by telling her that he thinks Taylor might be on to something with her musical chairs matchmaking scheme. Of course, Brooke doesn’t want Hope to lose Liam. And more than anything, Brooke doesn’t want Taylor to ever get anything she wants. However, Hope already tried to push Liam to Steffy so maybe this time the schemers have the right idea.

Of course, Liam doesn’t seem to get a vote, right? Then again, waffle boy would have wandered back to Steffy’s bed eventually based on B&B history. So perhaps Thomas Forrester will propose again and this time might get a “yes” from Hope. He’s got the one thing that she wants most in the world – a child for her to mother. That’s an offer that Hope Logan might not be able to refuse. At least that part of the plot is fresh.

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