‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Why Steffy Won’t Consummate Marriage – Bill Frustrated

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers dropped hints about the marriage of Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont).  It should be a very complicated wedding night for Steffy Forrester. It looks like Bill Spencer will be one very frustrated groom as the result of this if these Easter eggs dropped by CBS daytime hatch as predicted.

Bold and the Beautiful Sets the Stage

On Tuesday’s Bold, Bill sent a car and driver beckoning Steffy to his home. She obliged but she was a bit apprehensive about Bill’s intentions in this sudden orchestrated visit. When she arrived, he said all the right things before springing his surprise.

Bill brought Steffy into a room to show her one of the many surprises he was about to throw at her. That room was decked out as a nursery that suffered from an overstock of baby goods. From the crib to the stuffed animals, Bill thought of everything to make his home welcoming for Steffy and baby Kelly.

Steffy Fondles Furry Animals – Bill Spencer Gets Nothing…

The furry toys served as a welcome distraction for Steffy Forrester. She showed more interest in them than in what Bill Spencer had to say. He reminded her that he loves and respects her. He also promised to give her a life she can’t even imagine. Then Bill threw in how he loves baby Kelly and how he will devote his heart and life to Steffy and her daughter.

Bill Spencer - Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy was finding all this a bit hard to swallow. This explained her fascination with a hideous looking stuffed animal she found on the bassinette. Then came the even bigger surprise and quite the shocker to Steffy. Bill purchased the wedding dress for the woman who is adamant about taking control of her life.

The over-anxious groom told her that he would love to whisk her away to the private island he owns. Once there he would throw her a lavish wedding. Then came the “but.”

B&B Drops More Hints… The Unseen Dress

But… that won’t be good for baby Kelly right now, claims Bill. That translates into, Bill is in too much of a hurry to go anywhere. He wants to seal this deal of wedded bliss immediately.

The soon to be groom took it upon himself to pick out a wedding dress for Steffy. She just happens to spot it while scoping out the new elaborate nursery. His plan – they are getting married right there and now. IBT Spoilers suggest that, Bill thought of everything to speed up this marriage, including sending the car to bring Steffy to her surprise wedding.

Steffy never unzipped the garment bag that contains the “wedding dress” Bill has for her. But when she does it won’t surprise too many people if it has an image of a sword on it or a giant dollar sign and a flashing neon logo that reads “property of Dollar Bill!” Bill has this thing about branding Steffy as if he has ownership.

Is Steffy Forrester Depressed?

You can’t help notice how dressed down Steffy is and she also looks rather depressed. She doesn’t seem to care about what she looks like before getting in the car to be carted off to Bill. She’s listless and could not care less about his love declarations.

Despite Steffy telling Bill that she wants to be in charge of her own life, that wedding will go off as Bill planned, according to the latest B&B spoilers. That is if he has anything at all to do with it. This may be setting Bill up for an extremely frustrating honeymoon night.

Bold and the Beautiful Steffy Forrester

Bold and the Beautiful Frustrating Honeymoon

Believe it or not, Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) know the reason that a honeymoon is out of the question for Steffy right now. That’s because Steffy told them, or rather yelled it at them in the heat of anger. This was the hint thrown in by the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers that predict Bill won’t get the wedded “bliss” he’s expecting.

When Steffy caught Liam and Hope undressing and about to boink in the dressing room, she screamed at Liam about him getting ready to do something with Hope that she can’t do yet. Steffy went on to clarify that she can’t have sexual relations because she recently gave birth to little Kelly. It’s usually 4-6 weeks before new moms can get busy, so Steffy is still in the “no fly” zone.

Is Sex Out of the Question?

Steffy made it clear to Liam, but more importantly to the viewers – she can’t have sex yet. This might be a little tidbit she neglects to tell Bill until he expects to consummate his new business deal/marriage on their wedding night. For sure Bill is thinking the ring goes on Steffy’s finger and they jump into bed.

But Steffy has her post-partum condition to use as an excuse. You don’t have to be a body language expert to pick up on her vibes while in the same room as Bill. She’s keeping her distance and those stuffed animals she fixates on help her do this. It looks like Steffy might just bring the proverbial chastity belt to her honeymoon night. In turn, this might leave a rather frustrated Bill to ponder this life-changing move.

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