‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Week of Sept 10: Steffy and Hope Bitter, Liam Takes Sides, Ridge Calls Truce

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of September 10 hint to drama between Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). The stepsisters have a run-of-the-mill battle next week, it sounds epic. It starts in the boardroom and ends at home.

The B&B spoilers indicate that the argument between Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan gets so heated that Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) makes a quick decision. According to the latest scoop, the showdown between the two designer lines ends when Ridge picks Steffy’s line.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Pit Steffy and Hope Against Each Other

It looks like Ridge asks for a “truce,” which the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease for next week. Picking one stepsister over the other does a number on Steffy and Hope as the week ahead unfolds. But the turmoil doesn’t stop with Hope Logan and Steffy Forrester. While Ridge may ask for a truce, it doesn’t mean he’ll get one.

The stepsisters aren’t the only ones at odds, it ripples across two families. Not to mention how it cramps Ridge’s style at work and at home. Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) protests Ridge’s choice and this makes life hard for the man at the top.

Sudden Change for Steffy Forrester

Steffy’s demeanor changes. She originally extended the olive branch to Liam and Hope over their marriage. Next week fans find her making moves to snap that olive branch into pieces. Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) finds himself in the middle between his new wife and Steffy. This makes it hard for him when it comes time to visit with baby Kelly Forrester-Spencer (Gabriel Sporman).

Steffy is also a model as well as the creator of the Intimates line. She’s seen in the post above showing off her post-baby body to a concerned looking Hope Logan. Liam is also in the same building as Steffy parades her new line of bedroom attire. This undoubtedly weighs heavy on a pregnant Hope’s mind.

Liam Spencer Makes a “Love Life” Decision

It looks like the damage is done between Hope and Steffy. It doesn’t sound like these two women will share baby stories again in the near future. Soap Central adds to their Bold and the Beautiful spoilers how “Liam will face some challenges ” after he makes a decision “about his love life.”

Maybe Hope Logan and her stepsister Steffy Forrester are at such odds, Liam needs to join one side or the other. This would offer the “challenges” suggested. One woman is the mother of his daughter and the other is about to have his baby. Liam is not in a good place as next week unfolds.

Thorne Forrester Pops Important Question

Katie Logan (Heather Tom) and Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) band together for the child custody battle. The B&B spoilers say Thorne has a “very important question.” It looks like Thorne might pop that question to Katie, which could mean a B&B wedding in the future. It’s suggested that Katie’s new beau comes bearing a gift with this question. Will Katie be sporting a rock on her finger next week?

If Katie sports bling from Thorne, this means Bill Spencer’s (Don Diamont) anger gets turned up a notch or two. He knows Throne is moving in on his son Will Spencer (Finnegan George) but now he’ll become the kid’s stepfather living in the same home.

Bill sees Will slipping further away from him with this news. This makes Bill Spencer a desperate man and when Bill gets desperate bad things tend to happen.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Keep an Eye on Bill Spencer and Brooke Logan

Bill secretly bands with Brooke and he convinced her to speak to Katie for him. Bill’s a funny guy when it comes to women. You can almost see how the apple fell from the tree and hit Liam on the head, Liam’s a lot like the father he despises with his quick exchange of women. After Bill’s long-drawn-out saga of attempting to reel in Steffy, he suddenly feels a twinge about another woman. That would be Brooke.

Many fans of the soap see Brooke as Bill’s one real true love but Brooke is with Ridge. A hint about Bill and Brooke’s old romance fount it’s way into the show recently and there’s a reason for this suggests the B&B spoilers. Fans saw Bill thinking back to his time with Brooke as they shared a hot-air balloon ride in Aspen. Now that he’s got Brooke on his side will Bill’s kindling wood begin to ignite for this old flame?

Brooke and Ridge Forrester are very much in love. But it looks like the plight of their daughters at FC caused a lot of animosities between the two. This takes a toll on their relationship in the coming week.

According to the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, their marriage will go through a rocky patch over Hope and Steffy’s rivalry. This rivalry continues even once Ridge Forrester calls that truce.

B&B Spoilers – Ridge Forrester Betrayed?

Is it possible Brooke is ripe for some on-the-side romancing from Bill? It is unbearable at home as their daughters’ unhappiness seeps into Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. Several B&B spoilers tease a secret rekindled love affair for the Brooke and Bill.

Brooke’s meetings with Bill have been behind the back of Ridge Forrester. She’s asked Bill not to mention their meetings to Ridge once again at a second meeting that happens next week. Ridge Forrester sees Bill as a mortal enemy so it looks like this is a battle brewing in the wings.

Where’s Zoe Buckingham Been Hiding?

Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) and Xander Avant (Adain Bradley) have been off the radar lately at Forrester Creations. But they’ll be back next week. So will Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) who is part of this love triangle among the younger set. Emma will run interference over Zoe’s advances to Xander next week when she tries to seduce Xander.

Xander romances Emma with a surprise on their date, he gets a beachside cabana for the two. Zoe is once again lurking in the shadows while their romance blooms. Zoe has perfected her spy routine when it comes to Emma and Xander and she looms close by. According to what the B&B spoilers hinted for next week, it looks like Zoe is ready to claim her man whether he likes it or not.

Next week brings exploding themes along with an aftermath of anger and bitterness once the dust settles for the Bold and the Beautiful characters. As usual, some will survive it a lot better than others. Come back to Soap Dirt often for all your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.