‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers Next Two Weeks: Liam and Steffy Meet Baby Beth

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the next two weeks reveal that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) both meet Baby Beth – the newborn the shady doc is selling. Previously, Steffy asked Liam to meet the baby as well, as he will be involved in her life. Now, it looks like the next two weeks really begin Steffy’s process of adopting the child with no idea of the baby’s true identity.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Monday, January 21 – Hope Logan and Liam Spencer Sadness

Monday on B&B find Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Liam continuing to grieve over their newborn baby’s death. They both are struggling, something viewers will continue to see during this episode. Meanwhile, Steffy Forrester start an exciting new chapter of her life.

Meanwhile, Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) thinks back on the special connection he shared with his late wife Darla Forrester (then Schae Harrison). As Ingo Rademacher is set to leave Bold and the Beautiful soon, could these memories somehow factor into Thorne and Katie Logan’s (Heather Tom) marriage falling apart?

B&B Spoilers: Tuesday, January 22 – Trouble for Reese

Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) has set his plan in motion on Bold and the Beautiful. However, could things fall apart already? On Tuesday, Florence (Katrina Bowden) discovers evidence that Reese is just using her to further his plan.

Reese wants Steffy to adopt the baby he has. This child is actually Hope and Liam’s child, the one that Reese said died during childbirth. On Tuesday, Steffy considers adopting this child while Hope continues to grieve.

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Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wednesday, January 23 – Florence Pushes Back

On Wednesday, Florence confronts Reese about his plan, wondering what he is doing. However, Reese justifies his actions, possibly letting Flo in on the problems he is currently having. Could Flo help him protect his daughter Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes)?

Elsewhere, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) has some questions about Steffy wanting to adopt a child. Hope and Liam have just lost their baby, so some may not react positively about Steffy adopting so quickly. Wyatt seems to be one of those people who doesn’t necessarily like what she has done on Bold and the Beautiful.

B&B Spoilers: Thursday, January 24 – Wyatt Warns Liam

Thursday on Bold and the Beautiful shows Wyatt warning Liam after his brother confides in him, letting him in on a secret. What does Liam not want anyone, including his wife Hope, to know? This could have something to do with Steffy adopting and Liam heading over to meet her new baby.

Steffy Forrester goes to meet the baby that she would like to adopt, immediately feeling a connection with her. Obviously, this is because the baby is really Hope and Liam’s daughter Beth.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Friday, January 25 – Steffy Says Yes

Friday may mark the moment where Steffy Forrester finally adopts the newborn baby, as she makes a life-changing decision. As previous B&B spoilers revealed, Steffy decides to name her new daughter Phoebe, after her twin sister who passed away.

Zoe, unaware that she’s in danger because of her father’s actions, auditions for a talent show. Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) and Tiffany (Maile Brady) decide to audition for the Bold and the Beautiful talent show as well.

Week of January 28: Liam Spends Time With Steffy Forrester’s New Baby

Previously on Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy told Liam that she wanted him to meet the newborn baby she is thinking of adopting. As Liam is the father to her daughter Kelly Spencer (Zoe Pennington), Liam Spencer will always be in Steffy Forrester’s new child’s life. He’ll meet the child both pre-and post-adoption according to new B&B spoilers.

New spoiler pics show Reese counting fat stacks of cash, so it appears Steffy Forrester paid big bucks for Hope’s baby. She brings her new daughter Phoebe Forrester home and Liam is there to welcome her to the family. None of this will sit well with Hope.

Next Two Weeks on B&B: Reese Buckingham Protects Zoe

Reese will do anything to protect Zoe. In fact, he’s selling a baby he stole in order to keep his daughter safe. His need to keep Zoe away from the shady aspects of his life only enhances in the coming weeks on Bold and the Beautiful.

B&B spoilers reveal that in the next two weeks, Reese interrupts the talent show that Zoe, Emma, and Tiffany are a part of. He’s just trying to keep his daughter safe. Does something happen during this talent show to make Reese think Zoe is in critical danger?

End of January Spoilers: Hope Lashes Out at Liam Spencer

Bold and the Beautiful continues the storyline of Hope and Liam struggling to adapt to life without their baby. This results in their marriage becoming a bit more difficult. While they both love each other and want to support each other, their grief could get in the way of that.

In fact, in the near future, Hope is hurt and angry at Liam Spencer. She angrily tells him that he will never know how she feels, as he has his daughter Kelly with Steffy. Hope doesn’t have any children after two B&B tragedies.

As the duo try to come to terms with this tragedy, their marriage could fall apart. Will fans see their marriage potentially break down on their television screens already? Or will Hope and Liam manage to work through it, even when it becomes incredibly hard? Needless to say, the next two weeks of B&B are full of drama!

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