‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers Twist: Desperate Sally’s Next Scam a Pregnancy?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers see Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) grasping at Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks). There may be a phase two to her plan that she thinks will cut Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) out of his life for good. Will Sally’s next scam be the one that wins back her man? Check out these B&B soap opera spoilers.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sally Spectra’s Scam Sniffed Out

B&B spoilers this week see Felony Flo starting to put the pieces together. Meanwhile, Sally Spectra’s doubling down on leveraging Wyatt to get back into her life for real. Now, Bold and the Beautiful recaps remind that she promised treatment if he’ll get back with her.

Of course, Wyatt’s torn. He’s no villain and doesn’t want Sally dead. But when he tells Flo, she explodes and says that it’s emotional blackmail. Still, that doesn’t mean it won’t work on him. Soon, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint Wyatt may side with Sally Spectra against Flo.

No one knows a liar better than another liar. No doubt, that’s how Flo’s figuring out Sally’s death is a scam. However, baby stealing is much worse than boyfriend and dress design stealing, so Flo’s still the bigger bad girl in all this. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Flo pushes too hard.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope)

B&B Spoilers: Wyatt Back in Sally’s Bed – Will Flo Lose Control of her Man?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Sally Spectra knows she can’t run this scam forever. So, she’s hoping to get Wyatt to ditch Flo and hop back in her bed. Then, she can have her shady doctor pal declare she got a miracle cure. By then, she hopes Wyatt’s too smitten to leave her.

But, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also know Flo won’t give up that easily. Soon, she suspects that Sally Spectra’s not being honest and demands that she move out of Wyatt’s house. But, will he agree to this ultimatum? Look at Sally teetering on her walker – can he really kick her out?

In fact, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate Flo’s ultimatum will only make her look crazy and jealous. How crazy is it to accuse someone of faking their own death – especially when Sally Spectra laid the groundwork so well. Remember, she’s not the one who told Wyatt she was sick.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) - Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope)

“Unplanned” Pregnancy Seals Wyatt to Sally on Bold and the Beautiful

Spoilers reveal that Flo’s digging forces Sally Spectra to up her con-woman game. Remember, from her past, Sally’s parents are grifters. She knows how to scam convincingly. So, she’s playing advanced chess while Flo’s stumbling around playing checkers.

Bold and the Beautiful intel hints Wyatt refuses to kick out his ex — and asking Flo to leave instead. Then, it’ll only take a little wine and cuddling to get Wyatt back into Sally’s bed. She can even claim him making love to her is like a “Make a Wish” thing since she’s dying.

Of course, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers know it would be easy enough for Sally Spectra to fake a pregnancy, too. But it would be so much juicier if Sally was pregnant. That way, she and her love child would be a permanent obstacle for waffling Wyatt and Felony Flo.

Keep watching the CBS sudser to see if Sally Spectra ups her game by plotting for Wyatt to knock her up on B&B. 

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