‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Thrilled Bill Takes Credit for Hope’s Pregnancy

Bold and the Beautiful wrapped up the week with a few surprises, one being an apology coming out of Bill’s lips. That apology was directed at Wyatt and his sincerity seemed to be there, that is until Wyatt drops a bombshell in his lap.

Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) tells his son he is sorry for all that went on and asked him to come back to work. He blames his recent behavior toward his son on being preoccupied with obsessing over Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

He then tells Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) he now respects Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Steffy’s wishes of starting their life together. This scene played out on Friday’s episode of the Bold and Beautiful.

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Bill presents an interesting opportunity. #BoldandBeautiful #Thursday

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Bold and the Beautiful Fans See A Jaw-Dropping Moment For Bill

Bill’s demeanor instantly changes when Wyatt tells him Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) is pregnant. You can see the proverbial window fly open. Then a big wind blows that respect for Steffy and Liam’s new lot in life right out that window. And let’s not forget that Hope’s pregnancy may be in danger from a stalker.

IBT suggests Wyatt may have made a mistake revealing Hope’s pregnancy to Bill. But as he said to his father, he is going to find out sooner or later. That big wind was bound to come any day now with more and more people learning about Hope’s upcoming blessed event.

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Hope’s Pregnancy is Bill’s Fault

Wyatt sees the writing on the wall as soon as Bill hears the news. He tells his father not to get in the way of Liam and Steffy’s happiness. He blames Bill for Hope’s pregnancy and as crazy as that may sound, so does Steffy.

She tells Bill the same thing, that this is all his fault. She slams him with this when he shows up at her door as soon as he hears of Hope’s pregnancy.

Wyatt had just gotten through with his spiel to his father telling him he is the cause of Brook’s pregnancy. He sees Bill’s antics pulling Liam and Steffy apart, sending Liam into Hope’s arms. This is when Bill hightails it over to Steffy’s house.

Steffy opens the door to Bill but she’s not happy he is there. He came because he cares about her, which is what he tells Steffy. She tells him his “caring” is like poison. She blames Hope’s pregnancy on his interfering, which sent Liam into the arms and bed of Hope, who is about to have his baby.

Bold and the Beautiful Characters Blame Bill

Hope also cites Bill’s antics as the reason she is pregnant. She tells Liam that Bill’s lies turned him against Steffy and brought him to her. His lies made her baby possible as she continues to tell Liam what a blessing this is.

So Bill, who never physically laid a hand on Hope, is both blamed and credited for the conception of Hope’s baby. Bill is blamed for Hope’s pregnancy by both Wyatt and Steffy and given a rather strange kudos by Hope. Only on a soap would this happen!

Snarky Words Between Steffy and Hope

Speaking of Hope’s baby, her talk with Steffy seems to give the new mother fuel for thought. Hope tells her rival that Liam has a choice to make and when she lays out those choices, Steffy sounds like the booby prize.

Steffy listens to Hope as she goes over those choices for Liam. He can have a woman who is dishonest and lies to him or he can be with an honest and loyal woman, meaning herself. Steffy tells Hope that Liam will be a good dad to her baby but he won’t be under her roof. Steffy claims that she and Liam will live as the family that Hope wants for herself.

B&B ‘Major Inconvenience’

TV Overmind suggests Steffy doesn’t see Hope’s baby as anything else but a major inconvenience to her plans. A lot of confidence seems to ooze from Steffy when it comes to her relationship with Liam. But deep down she may be very worried.

Hope basically tells Steffy not to jump the gun as she continues to work on Liam whenever the opportunity arises. Two mothers, two babies, and one man, where is this going?

Liam isn’t offering any hints as he seems quite smitten by both women. One of those women just gave him a daughter and the other is carrying his unborn baby. The Bold and Beautiful doesn’t shy away from pregnancy plot line.

Hope informs him of the argument she had with Steffy and he tells her that he doesn’t want the women fighting over him. She tells Liam he’s worth fighting over. Is his head getting bigger on that screen?

Bill Throws Out His Net Yet Again Hoping To Catch Steffy

If Bill has anything to say about it, Steffy will come back to him. He tells Steffy this during his impromptu visit to her house. She won’t have anything to do with Bill’s future plans. He sees Hope’s pregnancy as a way of getting Steffy back.

Steffy sees herself as Liam’s chosen mate for life. One can’t help but wonder if Steffy is in for a major fall. After watching Liam’s interaction with Hope recently, it is safe to say she has some major competition.

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