‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Taylor Helps Steffy Adopt Baby Beth From Flo – Clueless It’s Hope’s Baby

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) may adopt a daughter sometime soon and that baby might be Beth. It looks like Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) may have an unknowing hand in this. A woman named “Flo” (Katrina Bowden) suddenly appears in town and it looks like she’s part of the baby swap plot.

It’s Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) who invites this mysterious woman from his past into town. It looks like Flo is here to finish what Reese started. B&B spoilers indicate the baby born to Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) was swapped for an infant who died while Hope was in labor. If that is the case, the alive and well baby Beth is somewhere right now – but where?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Where is Baby Beth?

If Reese does have the baby as the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest, Beth was a preemie so she will need care. As a doctor, Reese has worked in a variety of medical settings. It’s obvious he is a man with a dastardly side as thugs are after him and threatening to hurt his daughter.

Chances are he knows a nurse, possibly a pediatric nurse, who could give him a hand suggests B&B spoilers. He’d need to find a nurse that travels is not above breaking the law. This could be the mysterious Flo whom he calls into town. So how does Reese get the ball rolling on this adoption?

B&B Spoilers – Money No Object for Steffy Forrester Adoption?

Bold and the Beautiful fans might remember several episodes back when Taylor Hayes shared Steffy’s plans with Reese. She told Reese that Steffy Forrester wanted to adopt a sister for Kelly Spencer (Zoe Pennington).

Reese’s response when learning about the adoption was strange in that Bold and the Beautiful episode. He told Taylor that private adoption is costly. He estimated $50,000. Taylor told Reese her daughter Steffy Forrester would pay ten times that to grow her little family. Taylor basically said money was no object.

Opportunity Arrived at the Clinic with Hope Logan

Jumping ahead to the day Hope Logan showed up in labor at the clinic, it looks like Reese saw an opportunity. With a deceased baby already on the premises, he could switch Hope’s baby and make the money the thugs want.

At the time Hope Logan delivered her baby, it seemed Reese jumped into this drastic baby switch. It’s not premeditated. He got a threatening text message with a picture of Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) attached. The same thing happened on Wednesday’s Bold and the Beautiful. He got another pic of Zoe with a threat.

Reese Buckingham’s Desperate Actions – A Call to Taylor Hayes

This prompted Reese to pick up the phone and call Taylor Hayes. Reese is a desperate man who is living in fear that something will happen to his daughter Zoe at the hands of this thug or his associates. What is he about to suggest to Taylor who he desperately wants to see?

Will Reese manipulate the situation with Taylor so she meets Flo who might just happen to do private adoptions? Remember, Taylor said they’d pay 10 times as much as $50,000 for a healthy baby. Today’s Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Reese remembered those words about money.

Taylor Hayes Unknowingly Funds Baby Beth Adoption?

Taylor Hayes funding a private adoption broker for Steffy Forrester to get Kelly that sister would make Taylor feel so useful. This adoption will no doubt be in excess of $200,000, after all, there’s the interest on what Reese owes. Then, of course, there’ a piece of the pie for Flo, who is probably as unscrupulous as Reese if she does agree to do this.

According to the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Flo is due in town any day now. Will Taylor unknowingly purchase baby Beth from this woman? It sounds like Reese employs Flo to help seal the shady deal. This could all happen very fast on B&B as Reese told the debt collector that he’d have his money in a week or two. So baby Beth might be in Steffy’s army quickly.

While Reese is struggling as he recalls the wails of despair from Hope Logan when she was told her baby died, he can’t stop. But he can rationalize it because this black market adopt would save Zoe – plus the baby will go to a good home. Is this the way baby Beth Spencer ends up as the adoptive daughter of Steffy Forrester? Watch Bold and the Beautiful on CBS weekdays.

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