‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Taylor Finds Hope’s Baby Beth and Redeems Herself?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate the “death” of Hope Logan‘s (Annika Noelle) baby might give Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) the chance to redeem herself. Hope is mourning her baby’s death now. But a twist of fate might allow Taylor to see Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) for the villain he is. Does Taylor’s discovery include learning baby Beth is still alive? If so, this would be a B&B game changer for all involved.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Hope Logan in Depths of Despair

It looks like Reese saw an opportunity to pay his debts to the thugs threatening his daughter. Hope Logan passed out while giving birth to her daughter, so she didn’t see the baby just after birth. Instead, it looks like Reese Buckingham handed Hope another woman’s dead infant. That woman had left earlier that day after experiencing a stillbirth.

Hope and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) are left crushed, so it’s hard to believe a doctor would do this. On Friday’s Bold and the Beautiful, viewers watched as Hope Logan clutched the lifeless body of a baby she believes is hers. This week Hope’s life is still in turmoil.

B&B Spoilers – Reese Buckingham Dilemma?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest the Hope Logan baby plot amps as it seems her newborn is alive and out there somewhere. If this is the case, Reese must whisk the newborn away without anyone noticing. It’s not as if he can put Baby Beth in a car and drive away – he’s on an island.

Recent spoilers say that Reese sends for someone from his past. A mysterious woman known only as Florence (Katrina Bowden) arrives on the scene this week.  B&B spoilers hint that Flo is part of Reese’s unsavory dealings, so does he assign the task of selling Beth into a black market adoption to this newcomer?

Where Is Baby Beth?

Reese might have Baby Beth but he can’t just put her on a shelf until an illegal adoption can be arranged. She’s a newborn who needs care, especially since she’s a preemie. This was a crime of opportunity, Reese had no way of knowing all the pieces would fall in place to get him out of debt.

So it’s safe to assume he has nothing in place for the baby who he needs to keep under wraps. Spoilers for Bold and the Beautiful hint to Reese getting help from his mysterious cohort, Flo. It looks like the road is paved for Reese to sell baby Beth into an illegal adoption.

Taylor Hayes First to See Baby Beth?

For what seems like months now Taylor Hayes was beaten down on B&B. So is it time to take her out of the dog house? Reese turns up the volume on wooing Taylor, according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. Taylor appears to have blinders on when it comes to Reese’s advances and it looks like she falls for him.

This week Taylor vows to support Reese as she sees he’s having problems. Of course, he won’t let on what’s bugging him. B&B fans may get their first look at the real Beth Spencer this week in the arms of Flo. It appears Taylor won’t put the clues together for a while. So chances are Baby Beth won’t reunite with her parents for quite a while.

Will Taylor Foil Reese’s Ploy?

If Taylor Hayes happens to run into Flo at Reese’s house, how will Reese explain her presence – particularly if she has a baby in her arms? Something would have to occur to make Taylor suspicious. She could overhear or oversee something that doesn’t add up for Taylor.

If Taylor figures out Reese’s ploy, she might reunite Baby Beth with Hope Logan. If so, things can change for Taylor and she could be redeemed. Even Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) couldn’t be mad at her anymore. If she turns out to be the hero in the baby plot, it could change Taylor’s life.

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