‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy Pushes Hope Out the Door But Ploy Backfires?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) will play with Hope Logan’s (Annika Noelle) future. While Steffy does this under the ploy of business decisions, she launches her next plot with Hope in her scope.

There’s more than one way to fire someone. Steffy makes this rather clear this week as she uses her place at Forrester Creations to push Hope out the door. With that said, Steffy’s strategy is for personal reasons. Part of this ploy involves Steffy Forrester taking Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) under her wing.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Like Father, Like Daughter

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to Steffy Forrester and her father Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). Both recently manipulated factors at Forrester Creations for their own personal reasons. Ridge ran with Steffy’s line over Hope’s already proven designs.

He did this after he listened to Steffy who told him she lost too much already to Hope Logan. He gave in and now her line gets top priority at FC. Now Hope runs into the wrath of Steffy once again.

It looks like Steffy’s latest decision involves pulling rank on Hope at work. Steffy uses her co-CEO position in a cunning-way quite often when dealing with Hope, according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. It looks like she’ll do this to shut-down Hope’s ideas and to ignore her concerns while trying to make Hope insignificant at FC.

Steffy Forrester Dismisses Hope Logan and Her Contributions at Work

Steffy discounts Hope’s thoughts on Sally Spectra, which puts an even bigger wedge between the stepsisters. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint to Sally’s history with Forrester Creations, which brings concerns for Hope Logan this week.

The new bride doesn’t trust that Sally won’t botch things up again and goes head to head with Steffy over this. It looks like Steffy’s decision isn’t about Sally Spectra but more about Steffy showing Hope she’s the boss.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Steffy Forrester Overplay of CEO Card

Steffy Forrester suddenly buddies up with Sally, who is a bit worn down from her dealings with Hope. Steffy changed that tune for Sally Spectra on Monday’s episode by doing the opposite of what Hope did. She agrees to go ahead with Sally’s designs, as Soap Central suggests.

B&B spoilers put Sally on cloud nine after this news. But it looks like Steffy just put one more notch in her belt after using her co-CEO position over Hope Logan. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Hope is fuming over Steffy’s decision with Sally but Steffy’s made up her mind. She’s ready to give Sally a second chance. Furthermore, it looks like she’s ready to use this as another swat at Hope as well.

Forrester Creations Now Operating Under  Vindictive Decisions

Now both father and daughter have made business decisions not based on better business practices but on personal feelings. Does this start Forrester Creations in the wrong direction, down instead of up in profits? Hope for the Future was a money-maker for FC, not to mention it did wonders for the PR of the agency because it involved charities.

When Steffy pushed Ridge to put her line at the top they used the history of lingerie sales with the company to rationalize that decision. The decision was not based on real-time sales numbers as this is a new line. But Steffy may find out she doesn’t have what Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) had when she developed a lingerie line at FC.

Now Steffy is going ahead with designs from Sally that Hope originally nixed, suggests B&B Spoilers. Will these vindictive moves made by a father-daughter team put Forrester Creations on the path to ruin?

B&B Spoilers – Hope Logan Reaches Her Limit

Steffy Forrester might just wear Hope Logan down to a point that an exit from FC is her only choice. If Hope goes, her line most likely goes with her as well. This looks like it was Steffy’s end goal after she taunted her stepsister at work.

Steffy wanted Hope and her designs gone so she could shine with her Intimates collection. Hope just might bring her line to another company. Is the plot set for Forrester Creation’s board to find out too late that it was Hope’s designs that belong in the top spot?

Will Steffy’s collection tank and Hope’s collection end up as a line they beg to have back in order to save the company? What sweet unintended revenge that would be for Hope Logan, not to mention the storylines they can spin-off of this.

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