‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy Hits Brakes on Hope Giving up Hubby

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers put Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) back home just in time for Hope Logan (Annika Noele) to try again to rearrange their families. Steffy soon finds herself a pawn in a game aimed at toppling a marriage. She steps off the plane to realize Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and his wife are being pulled apart.

When Steffy Forrester left for Paris, she didn’t want Liam back at the cost of Hope’s grief, despite still loving him. Now that she’s back, it won’t take long for her to realize her absence didn’t help as she hoped. Next week on the CBS soap, Steffy makes her return late in the week then all heck breaks loose.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester the Adult in the Room

Steffy Forrester originally went to Paris to do a good deed. Her original intent was to remove herself and her adopted baby daughter out of Hope’s life for a while. She did this hoping Liam and Hope would support each other over the loss of their daughter. She also hoped it would help mend their marriage. Now that she’s back, B&B spoilers indicate things only appear to get worse for the marriage she tried to save.

Steffy returns to home to find Hope making plans for Steffy’s future. But she also soon finds her brother is in on this. Now it looks like both Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) and Hope Logan have Steffy’s life all planned out for her. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that’s not going to fly. It appears Steffy Forrester is the voice of reason in the room as this unfolds next week.

B&B Spoilers: Leave Hope Logan Alone

Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) presents as another obstacle next week for Thomas and Hope’s plans. He confronts his son over his attempt to manipulate Hope Logan. The grieving mom tried to get Liam to leave her and go to Steffy before Thomas arrived on the scene. But Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest his father sees Thomas’ interference as the driving force behind Hope’s current plans.

While Ridge has a man-to-man chat with his son hoping he’ll back off, it doesn’t look like Thomas buys it. Instead, it sounds as if Ridge’s son might offer him a lecture on his hypocritical past with women. B&B spoilers suggest Ridge does little to change his son’s mind.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Role Model for Two Little Girls

It seems Steffy Forrester steps off the plane next week into a hornet’s nest. It also looks like this CEO takes precautions not to get stung. B&B spoilers hint her love for Liam is stronger than ever. Especially after seeing him as a full-time father for a short time in France. Steffy got a glimpse of what might have been. That is if Liam hadn’t swayed over to Hope after Kelly was born. So, when Hope Logan asks Steffy a favor next week, it may be hard for this mother of two to answer. It appears Hope wants Steffy to take Liam back as a full-time husband and father.

But Steffy probably won’t settle for being second choice at this stage of her life. As a mom, she’s bound and determined to be the best role model for her girls. Becoming the consolation prize because she has the girls isn’t the ideal foundation for a good marriage. Steffy left for Europe, not wanting to take advantage of Hope’s grief. But Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Steffy comes home a bit different. She’s thinking more like a mother and a strong independent woman than ever before.

So, when Hope Logan asks Steffy Forrester to take Liam back as her leading man, Steffy could say no. But B&B spoilers indicate Hope and Liam split next week and that changes everything. Watch CBS daytime to see which relationships remain when the dust settles.

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