‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy And Brooke Push Liam to Hope

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) will soon have the father of her unborn child all to herself. This expectation was planted by her mommy dearest, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). Now Brooke has a cohort in her strategic plan of getting Hope to the altar – Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

Bold and the Beautiful’s Shocking Twist

Even though Steffy was the woman originally slated to make a trip down the aisle with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton), she’s changed her mind and moved past the waffler. Unbeknownst to Brooke, Steffy has just joined her cause. Between the two of them influencing Liam and Hope, things are about to change.

Liam Spencer is tethered to Hope and Steffy. These two keep bouncing back to Liam no matter how much he hurts them. But fans suggest that Steffy takes out her proverbial sheers and severs those cords for good.

Steffy Forrester Rises To the Occasion

B&B spoilers show Steffy’s a changed woman overnight and she has her sights set on raising her daughter as a single mother. She is completely done with Liam Spencer and there’s no wiggle room for talking things over. She’s done.

Bold and the Beautiful fans point to something Steffy does for Hope, which is a rather wonderful gesture. But it is also something that Liam should have done himself. When Liam comes to Forrester Creations, beckoned by Steffy’s phone call, his life is mapped out for him.

Bold and the Beautiful - Hope Logan - Brooke Logan - Ridge Forrester

After Steffy made her shocking announcement to the room full of Forrester Creations bigwigs, she calls Liam to FC. While you might think she is about to tell Liam she didn’t marry Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), that is not her only agenda. She’s not offering herself back in the running for Liam’s heart, those days are gone.

B&B Spoilers Puts Hope Logan’s Future In Steffy’s Hands

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Steffy has taken the bull by the horns for her own life and she is now putting the end to their love triangle. Steffy makes a decision not only for herself but for Hope and Liam as well. Soap Hub wrote “a shock of a lifetime” and fans may agree once they see what comes next.

Apparently, Steffy won’t let Liam continue his waffling and so she makes a life choice for her baby daddy. As you can see in the picture below, it appears Steffy puts an engagement ring on Hope’s finger for Liam. He looks on like a man whose day at the candy store has ended.

Bold and the Beautiful Steffy Puts a Ring on Hope for Liam

Hope is convinced that Liam made his choice with that kiss that Steffy happened to see. Brooke planted that seed in Hope’s head. The mother-daughter duo is wrong. Liam will never come to a choice if left to his own devices. But Steffy is putting it right for Hope, something Liam should have done himself.

Bold and the Beautiful history tells us Liam can’t make a decision. Furthermore, when Steffy had her revelation that she doesn’t need a man to make her whole, she realized something else.

Liam Spencer Gets a Twist of Fate via Steffy

It wasn’t only Liam waffling all these years, it was Hope and Steffy as well. The power just awarded Steffy by Bill with those FC shares made her the CEO but it also offered her a new lease on life. Steffy is on a mission to set the lives of the people she deeply cares about on the right path. In an odd twist of fate Brooke now has an ally in her plan to get Hope married off to Liam.

Since Steffy called it off with Liam, Hope has been just hanging on his every word. She’s listened to his tale of woe over Steffy while carrying this man’s baby. Fans saw Liam’s reaction to Hope as she fished for morsels from Liam who is now a free man.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Give Liam A Kick In the Pants – Brooke Logan Helps

B&B spoilers show us that Liam looks very unimpressed by all Hope has to say during their last chat over how he was wronged by Steffy running off to Bill. Furthermore, he doesn’t return Hope’s sentiments. She talks about the two of them loving each other but Liam just listens. When she talks about their connection with the baby growing inside of her, he again just listens.

Although he did say that he was excited about the baby at one point in their chat. That gave Hope a tiny morsel she was fishing for. With that said, it is apparent that she needs more than just that morsel and mommy dearest gunning for Liam to marry Hope.

Other than Liam’s adamant disgust over Steffy running to Bill, he hasn’t discussed a thing with Hope about the future. Brooke may continue to work on him, but the secret weapon least expected is Steffy. She gives Hope a ring in the presence of Liam. That signifies the end of this love triangle and the start of a new life for all three.

Steffy Severs Any Chance of a Liam Pursuit

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that when Liam finds out that Steffy turned down Bill, he may think about going after Steffy again. It is a short-lived pursuit because Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Steffy makes a life-changing decision for all three of them. She gives Liam freely to Hope and the ring she puts on Hope’s finger herself seals the deal.

There’s a wedding in the works alright, Dr. Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones) will soon show up in town for a special event. Bold spoilers peg the wedding of Hope and Liam bring back Brooke’s other daughter. Come back to Soap Dirt often for Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.