‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy and Bill’s Schemes Blow Up On Take-Off?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that while it looks like the infamous Steffy-Liam-Hope love triangle is done, it’s not. There are two individual plots unfolding for Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). Furthermore, it looks like the launch pad for these plots might be at Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Liam Spencer’s (Scott Clifton)’s wedding.

Bold and the Beautiful – All’s Well That Ends Well… Never!

Steffy Forrester never looked better with her new outlook on living solo. Hope and Liam are settling in as an engaged couple and looking forward to a wedding. All’s well that ends well, right? Wrong… not in the land of the Bold and the Beautiful.

Soap Hub spoilers suggest Steffy is about to drop a bombshell, one that will ripple across Los Angeles in a “shock wave.” This bombshell comes with “irreparable ramifications” for all involved. While it looked genuine at first, Steffy’s urging Liam to wed Hope may not be as final as it appears.

Steffy Forrester and Bill Spencer in Drastic Turn Around

Both Steffy and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) appear to have undergone drastic transformations. Steffy is suddenly a force to be reckoned with in the world of business. Then there’s Bill, who is attempting to gain his brood’s respect. He starts with some self-deprecating words when talking with Liam.

While he almost sounds sincere, this isn’t what Bill Spencer is really about. Once he finished telling Liam that he knows he was a bad father, his real agenda emerges. He tells Liam that he knows it is not his place to ask but he does anyway. Dollar Bill spurts out a question and it is all about Liam’s future plans with Steffy and Hope?

Boom… Liam, who stood his ground with his father so far, tells him that he’s right, it’s not his business. But he did tell Bill that he will be a much better father than he was to him and Wyatt. That plan didn’t work for Bill, but it is just a matter of time before he hears Hope is Liam’s intended bride. Hope has made no secret of her latest development which includes meeting Liam at the altar.

Going Fishing on B&B

Bill is fishing, he wants to know what his chances are for getting Steffy back in the future. His plans don’t include letting Steffy skip off into the sunset fully equipped as CEO via his Forrester shares. Once he hears that Liam is about to marry Hope, the proverbial green light gives Bill the go-ahead.

Those future plans for Bill include Steffy by his side. Bill’s plan is to get the love of his life back in his web and make her stick this time. His question to Liam just proves subtlety is not a quality Bill’s equipped with. The same can’t be said for Steffy, who has the art of being subtle down to a science.

Steffy’s new independence looks good on her and she really is enjoying the powerful FC position she’s in. She’s proud of bringing home the bacon and frying it up in a pan as a solo act. But… she loves Liam despite handing him over to Hope.

Transformed Steffy Still a Very Scorned Ex

A very calculating and scorned Steffy will remind Liam just how much he really loves her at his wedding to Hope. It is a ploy used thousands of times each year by a scorned ex-partner. Dress to the hilt and use a plus-one wedding invitation for a bit of revenge.

You never want to upstage a bride at their wedding, but that is not going to hold true this time around. Bold and Beautiful spoilers suggest Steffy comes equipped to the Hope-Liam wedding with ammunition. She’s showing off enough eye-candy at this wedding to turn even the most disinterested heads her way.

Not only will Steffy be decked out beyond imagination, but her plus-one is rumored to be a new love interest on the horizon. That would be Nic Padallino, a real-life male model who has reportedly signed on to Bold as an FC model.

Bold and the Beautiful’s Dollar Bill Spencer Weasles an Invitation

Bill will be in attendance after having a few weeks to work on Liam convincing him he has changed. Liam is apprehensive but extends an invite Bill’s way giving him the benefit of the doubt. That’s not a good move, which Liam soon finds out. Steffy walks in looking like a million with a hunk of man in tow and the green-eyed monster emerges in both father and son.

Spoilers suggest the mother-of-the-bride, Brooke Hogan (Katherine Kelly Lang), sees the attention Steffy is getting and is not amused. Liam is not one for hiding his feelings and when he sees Steffy with another man, his attention to his bride takes a backseat.

Liam Spencer and Hope Logan Wedding Blues?

Then, of course, Bill’s attention to Steffy goes against Liam’s warning to stay away from her and this may just start a dust-up. A father and son free-for-all. Yep, this would be quite the bombshell Steffy drops… a new man. But the ripple across the Los Angeles hint may just have to do with publicity.

The Forrester and the Spencer families are two very prominent families in LA. What headlines this would make, a father and son battle at the son’s wedding over another woman. Could this be the shock wave that will bring ramifications that promise to be a stain for life?  Come back to Soap Dirt often for all your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.