‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers Promo: Thomas Takes Truth to Steffy – Everyone Panics

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from a new promo reveal Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) decides to go tell Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) the truth about Phoebe Forrester AKA Beth Spencer (River Davidson & Madeline Valdez). Of course, all CBS soap viewers know nothing is that easy on B&B. It’ll take him time to make his decision and there’s lot of panic along the way among all those that know the truth already, plus one more that learns the truth in the meanwhile.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Video: A Truth Bomb Explodes

As you can see from the promo title, B&B spoilers promise it’s time for the awful truth to blow up in everyone’s faces. But this promo and what executive producer Brad Bell promised for the timeline don’t exactly align, do they? As the week ended, Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) admitted the truth.

She told Thomas Forrester that “Hope’s little girl is alive”. The look of horror on his face mirrors how fans feel every time someone else learns this awful secret and still doesn’t tell. Flo wants the truth out but others want it hidden, so Thomas may be her best hope, hint Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

B&B Spoilers: Zoe, Xander, Hope in Panic – Wyatt Finds Out Too

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from the promo have Hope asking Thomas Forrester what he’ll do. He says that the truth must come out. Hope blabbing to Thomas sparks another verbal brawl with her, Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) and Xander Avant (Adain Bradley). Then Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) hears.

Next week, Thomas Forrester accuses Hope of lying but then she convinces him that the worst thing really happened. So, he spends a week agonizing about what to tell Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and his sister Steffy Forrester. Meanwhile, the others wait and wonder, scared out of their minds, reveal B&B spoilers.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Forrester Tells Steffy Forrester the Truth?

As the new B&B promo shows, Thomas makes his decision and marches off to see Steffy Forrester at her house. He says loud and clear that he can’t “wait any longer” and says she must “know the truth”. So this is right? This is the big moment Thomas Forrester tells Steffy Forrester she adopted Hope’s baby, right?

Cue evil laughter here… Don’t let Bold and the Beautiful‘s cleverly edited promo fool you. It seems a long shot that Thomas Forrester tells Steffy the truth next week. Instead, it’s far more likely that he sees Steffy and her daughters and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and stops at the last moment before blabbing.

No matter if he tells the truth or holds the lie inside, he will hurt a woman he cares for. So, instead, B&B spoilers hint that Thomas decides to stick with the plan to do what’s best for the kids. Steffy Forrester keeps Beth – and Hope can raise Douglas with him. But this promo misleads another way so we’ll see!

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