‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam And Hope Wedding Turns Into Pity Party

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Hope Logan‘s (Annika Noelle) wedding won’t thrill some guests. Although the ‘Lope’ blessed day is long-awaited, not everyone is genuinely happy for them. B&B fans can expect the wedding and reception to turn into one big old pity party for some that hate seeing them together.

Steffy Forrester – Sad and Seething

B&B spoilers showed Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) watching her ex-husband Liam Spencer propose to his other baby mama Hope Logan. Steffy was trying to be all brave and woman-empowered, but you can see in her eyes – she wants her man back. Once again, Liam Spencer did as told and walked away. If he’d manned up, ‘Steam’ might be together right now.

Instead, Steffy Forrester will be there when Liam marries Hope Logan. She’s forcing herself to watch every moment even though it’s tearing her apart. Why? Maybe Steffy Forrester hopes if her heart finally breaks, she can stop loving Liam. Either way, she can’t seem to look away. Many fans have wondered on social media why Steffy is going to the wedding at all and stranger still that she’s taking her mom as her plus one.

Taylor Hayes – Interfering Mama

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise crazy Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) will be at Steffy’s side for the wedding. And she won’t make things easy on Liam and Hope. New spoilers from the soap magazines show that Taylor tries to shut down the wedding before it starts. Good thing Taylor’s nemesis Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) is there to make sure doesn’t derail the ceremony.

It will be interesting to see whether Steffy calls off her mom or lets her try and ruin the wedding. If Taylor can’t keep quiet, perhaps she needs to be taken out of the event. Plus, it seems pretty wicked of Steffy to bring along her mom. She had to know that Taylor wouldn’t sit quietly and watch Hope and Liam get hitched without a fight.

Ridge Forrester – Deranged Dad

Other Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) will keep complaining. Every time lately that Brooke or Hope shared happy news about Liam, he grumped. Ridge has made it plain that he doesn’t think Hope should win Liam. Brooke is biting her tongue and playing peacemaker. But if Ridge keeps being a party pooper, Brooke is going to snap.

It could be that Ridge corners Liam before the wedding. If that doesn’t work, Ridge might find another opportunity to discourage Liam, Hope, or otherwise cause trouble. Steffy’s dad isn’t going to let his daughter’s dream slide away with this marriage. Will he contain himself or make an ass of himself at Hope’s big day? Probably the latter.

Liam Spencer and Hope Logan – Wedded Bliss Finally?

It’s been a long rough road for Liam and Hope to make it to the altar. Steffy admitted recently that she’d robbed them of their chance at happily ever after. This time, Steffy could remain above the fray and let the chips fall where they may. Or she could unleash her mom and dad to ruin Hope’s wedding while she sits by and twiddles her thumbs.

It would be pretty awful for Steffy to let her parents target Hope like that. This is one of those rare moments on B&B where anything could happen and the writers might surprise fans for a change. Steffy could rein her mom and dad in and take them out of there before they ruin things. Or she could let it ride and see what happens.

Bold and the Beautiful – Wedding Interrupted?

In past weddings on the CBS soap, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show that Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) usually utters the iconic line that invites trouble. He always asks if anyone knows why the couple should not be wed. Then he invites guests to “speak now or forever hold your peace.” This is the part of the ceremony that should have Hope on pins and needles.

There might be a chorus of shouts. In fact, Taylor and Ridge could stand up and sing a duet in protest of the union. It will be a surprise if they keep it classy, zips their lips, and let Hope marry her man in peace. The big day is the week of August 20, and this should be a B&B wedding not to miss.

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