‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Enraged Thomas Snatches Hope – Brooke Runs to Save Her

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) spends his time in hiding obsessing over Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) panics when she realizes her daughter’s at risk from her psycho husband. Because Thomas’ delusions grow and then reach a tipping point next week. He finds out Hope’s plans for her future and flips out. He was hanging on by a thread already. Then, Thomas takes drastic action once he sees that he might lose Hope Logan forever. He’s deluded about his wife and their future. Can Brooke save her kid on B&B on CBS?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Forrester Paranoid Plotting Reaches Fever Pitch

B&B spoilers promise while staying with Vincent Walker (Joe LoCicero), Thomas Forrester continues to crumble mentally. He’s certain he’s destined to be with Hope Logan. He sees Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) as an obstacle that needs to be swept aside. Thomas has ramped up his recollection of the past. He truly thinks he and Hope had this epic love story that Liam thwarted before. None of that’s true. They had a short term flirtation that didn’t come to anything.

But Thomas blows it up in his mind as a grand romance. In his twisted mind, he sees that Liam stole Hope Logan from him. He may even think that his “wife” was kidnapped against her will. He’s totally deluded and increasingly dangerous. Meanwhile, Brooke Logan knows Thomas is a problem and that he lied and manipulated her daughter. However, his dad, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) can’t see the truth. He keeps defending Thomas and making excuses, reveal Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

B&B Spoilers: Hope Logan Reunites With Liam – Thomas Loses Last Shred of Sanity

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Hope Logan and Liam Spencer reunite as parents – and as a couple. This crushes both Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and her brother Thomas Forrester. This week, Hope confesses she never stopped loving Liam and they make plans to bring their family back together. Then, Thomas learns about their reconciliation and flips. It could be that he eavesdrops. He’s expert at lurking around Hope’s cabin without being spotted. So, he may hear it for himself or from someone else.

Either way, Thomas Forrester finds out and won’t let Liam “steal” his wife. As far as the crazed villain sees, he’s married to Hope Logan and his wife should be with him. So, he comes up with a plan to get her back. Thomas Forrester must lure her and that means he needs bait. He could use Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) since the kid’s back this week. Or he could snatch baby Beth Spencer (River Davidson & Madeline Valdez). Then again, Thomas could simply kidnap Liam. There are many options to bait her, promise Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Logan Panics – Races to Save Her Kid

Next week, on B&B, spoilers say Thomas Forrester stews and plots. The following week of August 19, he takes action. Thomas Forrester gets Hope Logan away from her loved ones so he can force a reunion. Remember, he’s got drugs available to him since he’s crashing with a dealer – his pal Vinny. So, if he can get Hope away from everyone else, he can drug her into submission. Fans feared for a while he might take advantage of her. Thomas truly seems convinced if he can get her into his bed, she’ll suddenly love him like he loves her.

That’s why he keeps flaunting his body in front of her. Thomas has gone full-blown, batsh*t crazy, reveal Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. So, he grabs Hope Logan and takes off with her. Brooke Logan realizes Thomas Forrester took her daughter and she must save her. Ridge remains in denial, so it’s up to Brooke to roar like a mama bear and save her precious daughter. But will Brooke Logan make it to her before Thomas Forrester does something awful to Hope Logan? Keep watching B&B on CBS to find out.

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