‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Bill Spencer Feeling The Burn- Steffy Takes Charge

Bold and the Beautiful spoiler video offers a hint of Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) licking his wounds after a Forrester Creations announcement. Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) now has Bill’s stocks and she’s tightly taken the reins of the business. Does her latest plan for FC have Bill getting flack from some folks who work there?

Bold and the Beautiful Big Question – ‘How Did You Think This Would Turn Out?’

“How did you think this was going to turn out?” Katie Logan (Heather Tom) snaps at Bill and one has to wonder if this is about Dollar giving the keys to the castle away?

Katie seems to rub it in that Bill did something rather foolish. She seems to be reprimanding the man who would love nothing better than to see his own mug on paper currency. Katie reminds Bill that “Steffy was married to Liam and pregnant with his child.” Which of course was the case during Bill’s hot pursuit of Steffy.

Katie then drops the question about Bill’s vision for the outcome of this scenario. At this point in the video, she seems to put Bill down for concocting his plan. This is the plan that ultimately put Steffy in charge of FC.

Brooke Logan Pleased FC Out of Bill Spencer’s Control… But?

Then Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) is another party heard from. She snidely remarks that at least they’ve got FC back now. With that said, there seems to be a “but” that follows. Before the rest of what she had to say was revealed, the video cuts out leaving that as a teaser. It is like one of those mini cliff-hangers that eventually spawn into tiny subplots on a soap.

According to Soaps She Knows, Brooke is happy to have Bill’s hands out of the company and to have the company back in the family.  But it isn’t Steffy she wants to see at the helm and her sarcasm seems to point to this.

Sure everyone wants to know what Bill was thinking especially after Steffy was given the stock with no strings attached. Does the “bombshell” announcement Steffy is slated to make have something to do with this? And does the aftermath of this announcement have fingers pointing at Bill for handing over the reins?


Bill is confiding in Katie who may very well remind him that the rightful holders of the Forrester Creation stocks should be his sons. Instead, Bill used the stocks as bait thinking it was a step toward luring Steffy back in. If this was his ploy, it wasn’t thought out very well.

Steffy to Make a Forrester Creation “Bombshell” Announcement?

Steffy’s already made several changes at FC starting with bringing the lingerie line back. Then she herself is leading the pack of models showing off these bedroom ensembles.

The new boss at FC makes an announcement that promises to be a “bombshell” according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. Whatever Steffy is about to do, it looks like the aftermath isn’t that well received.

First of all, Bill doesn’t appear to be feeling as generous about his stock gifts as he was the day he signed them over to Steffy. It didn’t do what he thought it would. He’s no closer to getting his love interest back now than he was the night she refused his hand in marriage.

Bill wants Steffy to believe that money doesn’t mean a thing to him and that he would take her and Kelly over dough. That was the gest of his stock giveaway but it backfired. Steffy stuck to her guns.

Bold and the Beautiful – Announcement Spawns Unhappiness?

That is where Katie comes in asking him what he was possibly thinking at the time. Then there’s Brooke who is looking a bit indignant after Steffy drops this announcement. So what does this announcement entail?

Steffy has just had a baby and everything in her life today is about Kelly. Is she going to take Forrester creation into the kids’ clothing business? Perhaps tagging them with the “Kelly” line of clothing?

Would that really be a “bombshell” announcement? Probably not, so what did she do to cause Bill getting so much flack about FC in tomorrow’s episode? And why are others at FC chattering about it?

Whatever she is dropping on the FC board’s lap doesn’t sound very popular. Bill isn’t thrilled and Brooke seems taken back by the announcement. So what does Steffy have up her sleeve?  Come back to Soap Dirt often for all your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.