‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Bill Revives Steffy Obsession After Taunting From Katie

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint to Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) not sitting on the back burner for much longer. When it comes to the woman he loves he’s done laying low after he is pushed to the limit this week. Dollar Bill is a man who prides himself on not losing. With that said, all Bill had to hear was that his ploy to get his love interest back makes him look like the loser and… the game is on.

Bold and the Beautiful Throws Embarrassment Dollar Bill’s Way?

Bill is beckoned to Katie Logan (Heather Tom)’s house to talk about their son Will. But that includes Katie showing Bill the error of his ways lately, suggests IBT spoilers. She puts him down as an absent father who is more concerned with capturing Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) than seeing his own young son.

She tells Bill, “you like to win and this time you lost big.” Katie is referring to Bill not only losing Steffy but Liam as well. The mother of his youngest son continues with, “apparently you even lost your shares of Forrester Creations.”

Bill Spencer Never Loses

Painting Dollar Bill as a loser sets off a spark on today’s episode of Bold and the Beautiful. How can anyone even dare suggest that he didn’t come out ahead at anything he attempts? But that is what Katie just did.  So when Katie suggests he lost his game of luring Steffy in for a wife, this deciphers into a challenge for Bill.

Katie had just finished giving Bill the third degree about his train of thought when he handed over the shares. She reminds him that handing over his shares were all for nothing, as he didn’t get Steffy in the end. Furthermore, he ignored his family, even losing Liam with his ploy.

B&B Sets Steffy Forrester Up for Another Round of Bill?

Bill snaps back that it was a gift, but he can see that Katie isn’t buying that. Although she does tell him she’s happy now that the shares are back in Forrester’s hands. She also claims she’s happy this mess with Steffy is over. But little does she know by making Bill seem like the loser in all of this, Katie has put him in a winning mood again. This could spell trouble for Steffy who is confident Bill has finally got the message that they won’t ever be a couple.

When Katie tells Bill that she doesn’t think he is capable of learning from this debacle, her words just do more to fuel his intentions on becoming a winner. It won’t be long until Bill is back on Steffy’s trail looking to make her his.

Katie Logan Not the Only “Thorne” in Bill’s Side

Then when Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) shows up at Katie’s, it’s an instant sparring event with Bill. Dollar sarcastically asks Katie if “that” is what you are dating while pointing at Thorne.

Thorne throws all Bill’s parenting faults at him while talking about Will and how Bill has no room for his family. Bill feels the burn when Thorne chimes in to say “thank you” for handing over his share of Forrester Creations to Steffy.

That’s another stab in the back for Bill. Now he realizes he looks like a sad case by attempting to buy himself a wife with FC shares. This has to be fixed and the one way to do that is to win what people believe he lost. It looks like Bill is about to set out to show everyone that Steffy will eventually be his.

Bold and the Beautiful Plans Rip-Roaring Event?

The subplots are forming and they are all going in the direction of one big event. It looks as if Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton)’s wedding will be the place for all these storylines to converge.

When that happens it’s going to create a huge fallout for the bride and the groom. This move could possibly make this wedding another Bold and the Beautiful “almost.”

Bill, who has already worked on Liam’s empathy for letting him back into his life, will somehow score an invite to this wedding. Let’s face it, even if Liam doesn’t invite Bill he is entitled enough to just show up. Steffy is bringing her mother, Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo), with her to this event, which does nothing but set-up a disaster.

Taylor despises Bill and they’ve had a tumultuous relationship for years. Not to mention how she shot at him a while back for luring Steffy into his arms. With Bill feeling especially low over people looking at him like a loser, he is bound to be more invested in luring Steffy his way. He is also very invested in Liam marrying Hope so this gets him out of the way.

B&B Wedding to Remember?

In walks Taylor, who works on Liam at the wedding before taking the vows. She tries to sway him from marrying Hope. Now you have Taylor and Bill with polarizing views blowing up as a prelude to the nuptials. Then when Brooke gets pulled into the mix after overhearing Taylor working on Liam, this wedding may just look like one created by the Hatfield and McCoy clans. Bold and the Beautiful is leading up to one spectacular event on Liam and Hope’s wedding day.

It looks like Steffy can thank the seed planted by Katie for putting Bill hot on her trail once again. While she’ll get very good at shutting him down, there are many B&B fans out there who would love to see Steffy and Bill finally together. It looks like that ship hasn’t completely sailed yet.

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