‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Bill Lures Brooke To His Web – Ridge Furious

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) become an item once again. Bill sees his chance and goes for it with her. Despite being turned down by Brooke recently, this time his advances are welcomed. Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) is not happy because of it.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Another Round of Brill Setting Up

Broken vows and changing partners are no longer just for the younger set. According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, the veteran actors are getting restless in the confines of their marriages. Once the bickering becomes too much to bear some look for comfort in other places.

Starting with Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester, who find themselves on opposite sides of major arguments in recent months. Fighting over their daughters’ love lives took a toll. Not to mention the battle over their girls’ careers. Now the breaking point is near as Brooke finds out that Ridge has a secret. Then, in turn, Ridge Forrester finds out his wife harbors a secret as well.

B&B Spoilers – Brooke Logan Runs to Bill Spencer

The custody case was the last straw for Brooke and Ridge once they found themselves on the opposite sides of the case. Brooke Logan still has feelings for Bill Spencer, this was seen by the look on her face when Katie told the court that she will always love Bill. It looks like that hit a cord with Brooke.

While not a word was uttered by Brooke Logan, it was easy to see she had a little bit of that love left over for Bill Spencer as well. The final blow comes when she discovers Ridge’s secret and betrays him by going to Bill Spencer.

Brooke Logan Embarks On Ultimate Betrayal Of Ridge Forrester

Brooke manipulates Judge McMullen (Joe Lando), according to Soap Central spoilers. She gets him to unknowingly confirm her suspicions that somehow Ridge swayed the judge’s ruling for Katie. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have Brooke running straight to Bill with this info. Not only does Bill have a judge’s career in his hands, he now has Ridge right where he wants him.

Brooke made her decision the minute she handed that info to Bill, whether she knows it or not at the time. It was like the point of no return for her marriage. In the soap’s preview clip, she is so distraught over what Ridge did. She yells at Bill: “Ridge did this, Ridge made this happen!”

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Bill Spencer has Ridge Forrester and the Judge In His Pocket

Soon that smug look on Ridge’s face is replaced by the look of panic. This is the result of Bill discovering the part he played in the custody case. After all that Ridge recently put him through, he will make his mortal enemy squirm while holding on to this knowledge.

Brooke goes from Ridge’s trusted companion to one of his enemies after he finds out it was Brooke who betrayed him. This puts her even closer to Bill. Furthermore, it’s the start of another round of Brill, according to the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.  Ridge Forrester faces devastation as his marriage unravels but he won’t be alone for long. You can be sure Bold has a story plot of rebound love for him as well.

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