‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Shut Down Again – When Will Don Diamont Resume Shooting

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers report that Don Diamont as Bill Spencer was the first to shoot new scenes. Both Don and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (AKA Steffy Forrester) shot scenes, but now they’re shut down again. So, the big question is – how long is B&B shut down, and when will they resume? Here’s the latest.

Bold and the Beautiful Shot One Day With Bill Spencer & Steffy Forrester

Fans were thrilled that B&B was the first soap back to work. In fact, they were the first shot-in-the-US TV series to return to work, across all genres. So, that’s a reason for Bold and the Beautiful fans to jump for joy. But then, we got a cold water wake-up call as they shutter production. Why?

It’s all about large-scale COVID testing. Even with just two Bold and the Beautiful actors back to work, there’s a ton of crew members we don’t see. From costumes to hair to cameras and lighting, so many people work to make Bill and Steffy look good. And that means tons of tests needed.

You can see a couple of shots below of Don and Jacqui happily back to work on Bold and the Beautiful as Steffy Forrester and Bill Spencer. Someone even hashtagged it #STILL, obviously hoping that that meant Bill was getting back with Steffy. But, we’ve heard that’s not the case.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) - Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)

B&B Shuts Down Again – When Does Filming Resume?

Although Bold and the Beautiful resumed filming, they had to shut down again the same day. But don’t worry – the plan is to get them back to work ASAP. And we’ve got the date. Reportedly, CBS daytime gets their ducks in a row and is back at it on Tuesday, June 23.

So, assuming Bold and the Beautiful starts filming next week, they could squeak some episodes on by late July. It just depends on how fast they get the scenes of Bill Spencer, plus Steffy Forrester, and the others edited and ready to air. Every day delayed is another day fans wait.

In case you forgot, it was March when Bold and the Beautiful shut-down filming. Then, we saw the last new B&B almost two months ago. So, while fans enjoy classic episodes, they also miss seeing fresh content. Plus, we’ve heard that CBS told showrunner Brad Bell to shake up things.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) - Cindy Ambuehl - Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) - Kelly Krueger - Katrina Bowden & husband - Chad Duell - Courtney Hope

Bold and the Beautiful’s Strange New Love Scenes – Will it Be Cringey?

While B&B’s getting back to work, another odd thing we’ve heard is how they’ll handle love scenes. Because without romance, a soap is not a soap, right? First, for kissing, the actors will make out with the camera, and they’ll edit it together. Can we get outtakes on that, please?

Plus, Bold and the Beautiful producers said they’ll ask cast member’s partners to step in as body doubles for love scenes. So, Bill Spencer might be in bed with Brooke, but they’ll show his wife, Cindy Ambuehl (see above). That could be what happens for Steffy Forrester, too.

But, the strangest thing is what writer/producer Bell said. He said Bold and the Beautiful‘s planning to dust off blow-up dolls in storage. He suggested they could put wigs and makeup on and use those for love scenes. Lots of strange things are happening behind the scenes, it seems.

We’ll update you on B&B coming back to work next week as more info comes out. Fingers crossed CBS daytime shoots more scenes Tuesday, as projected.

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