‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Scorned Girlfriend Entices Ex In Bikini Scene – Zoe Plays Dirty

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest a scorned girlfriend slips on a sexy bikini to entice her lover back. Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) is moving to a sexy new scheme to push Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) out of her way. B&B spoilers are heating up summer with the British babe as another love triangle heats up on the CBS soap.

Bold and the Beautiful About to Let Zoe Rip?

Fans of Bold have not seen Zoe live up to her potential as yet. Since she’s arrived on the Bold and the Beautiful scene, spoilers have promised outrageous behavior from this stalker from England. But so far, she’s backed down when she’s caught and played nice. Most B&B fans can still see the crazy lurking right beneath the surface.

Zoe followed Xander Avant (Adain Bradley) across the pond after he ran away from her to start a new life. You can imagine her disappointment when her stalking uncovered Emma with her arms around Xander. Zoe’s antics to recapture her ex-lover involved stalking, sending threatening emails, and crashing a fashion show, but more is to come, suggest B&B spoilers from Soap Hub.

Xander Not the Brightest Bulb?

Those threatening emails aimed at Emma left Zoe with a choice to make. She wouldn’t face legal action from the threats if she agreed to head back to London. Zoe agreed, but really had no intention of doing so anytime soon. While Bold fans wait for her next course of action to snag Xander to emerge, the spoilers hint what that may be.

B&B spoilers tease that Xander isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to Zoe’s wicked ways. The day of the fashion show, where new girlfriend Emma was debuting a dance routine, he paid a visit to Zoe. What did he want? He wanted to make sure she didn’t show up at the Hope for the Future event. As it turned out, this was not a very smart move on his part.

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Xander Unintentionally Lured Zoe

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers showed Zoe had no intentions of going to that fashion show until Xander planted that seed. Furthermore, it looked as though she didn’t even know about it until Xander showed up. Once he dangled the info, Zoe couldn’t stay away. She finagled her way into the event thanks to clueless Charlie.

Of course (since it’s a soap), she became the star of the show. Not only does the fashion world love her, but they want more of her as well. Zoe promised to leave LA, but things change this week when Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) shows up at her apartment. He comes with an offer that would keep Zoe in town. Spoilers for this week indicate Zoe must sway Xander so she can stay.

Zoe Parades Her Assets?

How easy that decision would be if she could lure Xander back into her life, but there’s Emma standing in the way. Zoe may be crazy but she is drop-dead beautiful as well. She is very aware of this fact and it sounds as if she takes advantage of her assets this week. Zoe is at home lounging in a bikini when Xander shows up to force her to go back to London.

It sounds as if she doesn’t have to leave her apartment this week, as opportunities come to her door. First Thorne, then Xander and she’s donning very little for her ex-boyfriend’s arrival. Was she waiting for this to happen? Did Xander get wind of Thorne’s offer to Zoe and makes his way over to her place? Did Zoe know he was showing up before she put on her enticing attire?

‘Fatal Attraction’ With Her Cat?

Then there is a conspiracy theory in the spoilers suggesting Zoe is evil enough to pull a scene from the movie Fatal Attraction. Would she set up Emma using her own beloved cat Harry? The theory goes into detail here on a previous Soap Dirt article.

Bold and the Beautiful Tidal Wave?

While Zoe might have a future with the HFTF line thanks to Thorne’s offer, but no one is aware of Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) plan for FC. Steffy’s new deal with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), makes Steffy the majority shareholder and spoilers hint she’s got a devious plan to punish Liam and Hope for their betrayal. Will Zoe’s plan fall to the side as Steffy’s scheme takes center stage? We’ll know soon!

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