‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Prediction: Finn Finds Cops at His Door

Bold and the Beautiful predictions say John FinneganFinn” (Tanner Novlan) soon finds himself in a place he never imagined with two detectives at his door. These law enforcement officials are major crime detectives so it looks as if Finn got himself mixed up with something serious on this CBS soap.

Bold and the Beautiful Predictions: John Finnegan Not Used to This

When B&B’s Detective Sanchez (Jimmy Ray Valdez) and Lt. Baker (Dan Martin) knock at the door to Finn’s hospital office it proves to be a bit embarrassing for the handsome doc. It seems there’s a serious incident they’re investigating and Finn is more than an eyewitness. He is also a participant.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers describe the hospital lab in shambles after a fist-fight broke out between three men. But these two cops don’t care about the mess in the lab. Instead, it sounds like their business has to do with a paternity test gone wrong.

Vinny Walker (Joe LoCicero) decked Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson), throwing the first punch in the testosterone-fueled lab brawl this week. Thomas looked fine as he got himself up off the floor. But Vinny’s refusal to admit to tampering with that test earned him a blow in the face from Finn.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Detective Sanchez (Jimmy Ray Valdez) - Lt. Baker (Dan Martin)

B&B Prediction: Investigation Underway?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promised LA’s finest would make an appearance sometime soon. So what crime brings them to the hospital where Finn has his practice?

Vinny Walker hates Finn, which is something B&B made sure to establish over the last few weeks. He thinks the doctor looks down on him. Vinny also harbors a long-time crush for Steffy Forrester. Since these two childhood buddies were kids they had a thing for the stepsister.

So, Vinny claims he switched the results of that test for Thomas. But it appears as if he did this for his own agenda as well. Now the cops show up to investigate both the switch and the brawl caused by that switch. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease it’s possible they’re also there to arrest Finn. But why?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) - Dr. John Finnegan Finn (Tanner Novlan)

Bold and the Beautiful: Finn Carted Off in Handcuffs?

After learning the news that he’s the father, he runs to tell Steffy. B&B spoilers suggest they share a magical moment. Finn goes back to work as an ecstatic father-to-be next week. But his day is shortened by two detectives.

Bold and the Beautiful predictions suggest Vinny Walker may press charges on Finn for throwing that punch. Since this lab technician faces charges in the switch, he decides to take Finn down with him.

The only ones in that lab at the time of the brawl were John Finnegan, Thomas Forrester, and Vinny Walker. So Bold and the Beautiful spoilers describe how new dad-to-be Finn and Thomas make a pact. Maybe these two decide to deny any punches thrown by Finn. Instead, they might tell the cops how Vinny’s bruises come from a fall.

But this is the Bold and the Beautiful so the paternity test saga still has some miles to go. Brad Bell from this CBS soap promised this storyline would play out for a lot longer than it has so far. Maybe that blow in the head Thomas got from Vinny offers a delayed reaction of some sort to his recent brain surgery.

Whatever happens, for now, John Finnegan, or Finn, gets to feel like an expectant father and enjoy this time with Steffy as the real father of her unborn child. That is until the next problem surfaces on this CBS soap, Bold and the Beautiful.

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