‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Liam Needs to Man Up – But May Just Do What He’s Told

Bold and the Beautiful viewers are tired of watching Liam Spencer’s (Scott Clifton) wimpy waffling with women. It’s just like his dad says. He’s a human ping pong ball. This week, Liam signs annulment papers with Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). He doesn’t want to, but he’s doing as told.

Next week, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) comforts him then invites him to move in with her and the girls. Will Liam Spencer once again go where the women point? It seems long overdue for Liam to man up and take a moment away from these women to get a life plan on the CBS soap.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Spencer’s Life Laid out for Him

Poor little Liam Spencer seems incapable of independent thought, say B&B spoilers. Sometimes he wanders away from the path to help others. But usually, it seems like he’s be-bopping along going where the women want him to be. It almost seems like he’s just drifting along wherever he’s told to go.

If they’re not tricking Liam into doing what they want, then they’re outright ordering him around and he goes along like an obedient, tree hugging, tofu-eating puppy. But will the soap break new ground with Liam Spencer or just do the same old, same old, with these Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Liam Half-Heartedly Confronts Thomas Next Week – B&B Spoilers

This week on Bold and the Beautiful, Liam Spencer signs the annulment documents, as Hope Logan told him to do. Then, he’ll go and have another lukewarm confrontation with Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). Say what you want about scheming, manipulative Thomas, but at least he knows what he wants.

And he’s going to get it, no matter who Thomas has to shove out of the way, promise B&B spoilers. So, watch for Liam Spencer to tell Thomas that it’s not cool what he’s doing. Then, Thomas can tell Hope’s soon-to-be-annulled husband to go hug a tree. Meanwhile, Thomas is planning his new life with Hope.

But where is Liam’s outrage? Why isn’t he punching Thomas for tricking Hope and stealing her away from him? Maybe if someone told him to get mad and stand up for himself, then he would. Otherwise, it seems like more of the same back an forth waffling from the Spencer offspring on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Asks Liam to Move in Next Week

Next week, B&B spoilers indicate Steffy Forrester asks Liam to come live with her and the girls right after he signs those papers. Will Liam go along with what his baby mama says? Remember, he’s got the keys to Wyatt Spencer’s (Darin Brooks) beach house. So, he’s got someplace else to go.

Plus, Liam is wealthy so it’s not like he needs to move back to that motel again on Bold and the Beautiful. And Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) has lots of rooms at his mansion. There’s no excuse for Liam going to live with Steffy unless that’s what he really wants to do. The question is whether he’ll speak up.

Obviously, the CBS sudser is setting the stage for things to get awkward when the truth comes out about baby Beth being alive. So, it’ll be awkward if he’s with another woman when it all comes out. It seems that Liam Spencer should take a minute and not go straight from Hope back to Steffy.

But will Liam follow orders and unpack where Steffy and Hope tell him to – or man up at last and decide once and for all what he wants on B&B.

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