5 Ways ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Can Make Liam & Hope Less Dull in New Episodes

Bold and the Beautiful is back to work soon, and we wonder if Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) are back and if they’ll still be a snooze-fest. When they do, let’s hope the writers find a way to liven up “Lope” because as it stands, they’re pretty boring. Here are five ways we think B&B can make Liam and Hope more interesting.

#1 Liam Spencer Finds Out He’s Not Kelly’s Dad on Bold and the Beautiful

Spoilers might bring news that Kelly Spencer’s (Zoe Pennington) not really Liam Spencer’s daughter. Remember, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) had a standard paternity test done. Those don’t work right when the potential baby daddies are also father and son.

So, there’s room for Bold and the Beautiful to undo Liam being Kelly’s father. That means his only bio-kid would be with Hope Logan. That would leave room for Liam and wife Hope to move on together as a duo. And that means that Kelly is really Liam’s sister. Think about that.

#2 Thomas Fights Hope Logan for Custody of His Son on B&B

Bold and the Beautiful recaps remind that the last we saw Hope Logan, she’d basically stolen Thomas Forrester’s (Matthew Atkinson) son Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri). It seems unlikely that Thomas will let that lie and let Liam Spencer take his place as the dad in his son’s life.

It looks like Bold and the Beautiful‘s new episodes should bring back Thomas to fight for his son. We know that Atkinson’s still on contract, so we expect him back on B&B. And Thomas is one sure way to bring some excitement to Liam’s dull life with Hope out in the cabin, right?

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) - Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton)

#3 “Lope” Expands Family – New Baby Ahead?

It could be that Bold and the Beautiful brings a new baby into Hope’s life with Liam. They’re excited to have baby Beth back. And they’ve co-opted a spare kid. Plus, Liam has Kelly with Steffy. But, if the Forresters shake things up, they could be down a couple of kids.

Remember, Bold and the Beautiful had Hope Logan vowing never to get pregnant again. That’s because Hope Logan was traumatized after one miscarriage with Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks). Then, she thought Beth died. But, since everything’s okay now, maybe Liam Spencer can talk Hope into it.

#4 Steffy Cuts Ties with Liam & Hope on Bold and the Beautiful

Another change that could come to the CBS soap would be if Steffy stepped out of the long-running triangle with Hope and her now-husband Liam Spencer. Most fans are tired of the same old triangles playing out on screen we’ve seen for too many years.

And CBS told Bold and the Beautiful showrunner Brad Bell to change things. So, maybe Steffy will cut Liam loose and leave him to Hope Logan. Soon, if they make Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) the bio-dad of Kelly, that paves the way for Steffy to remove her step-sister and Liam Spencer out of her life.

#5 Career Change for Newlyweds on B&B

Bold and the Beautiful could also shake things up by changing Liam Spencer’s job – and also Hope Logan’s. Now, Hope’s got a line at Forrester Creations, but it’s not in use. So, B&B doesn’t need her there. Hope’s not a Forrester, after all. As for Liam Spencer, he works for his dad.

Remember on Bold and the Beautiful, Liam and his wifey Hope Logan are do-gooders at heart. So, why not have them setting up a charitable foundation to run together? They know enough wealthy people to fund it. Then, they can avoid corporate life and start something new on B&B.

As it stands, Liam Spencer’s living with Hope Logan in the cabin on her mom’s estate. They’re married, drama-free, and, therefore, dull… Maybe when Bold and the Beautiful starts filming new episodes, they can make Hope and her husband Liam more interesting to viewers.

Watch for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Dirt as the CBS soap amps up for filming.