‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Hope Settles – Sees Liam Via Rose-Colored Glasses?

Bold and the Beautiful spawns Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) into more of a victim each time she takes a step closer to the altar. Hope is a kind and gentle soul who is thrilled about her up and coming wedding to Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). With that said, Hope’s enthusiasm seems to be for all the wrong reasons.

Bold and the Beautiful – Hope is a Consultation Prize?

First of all, she’s a living and breathing consultation prize when it comes to Liam. Hope may be naive, but she is not an ignorant person. If Steffy decides she wants Liam back, Hope can’t be sure she’ll have the ground to stand on. She’s got Liam by default.

Even Hope’s own mother, Brooke Logan (Katerine Kelly Lang), had to go to bat for the bride-to-be. She’s expressed to Liam on more than one occasion her desire to see Liam with Hope.

Hope Logan Sees Peace in Her Future

On Wednesday’s Bold and the Beautiful episode, Hope tells Liam she is looking forward to the future. When Liam asks her what the future looks like to her, she said something really strange. With that said, it appears that was a hint of things to come.

Hope tells Liam it is not what she sees, but what she feels about the future. That is a sense of “peace.” That is a strange thing for an ecstatic bride-to-be to say. It seems Hope even thinks it’s odd herself as she tells Liam, “I know this doesn’t exactly sound exciting for a couple starting a new life together” but that is “all she ever wanted.” She stops short because she should have said that’s all she could ever hope for with Steffy in the picture.

B&B Paints Hope as Resigning to Less-Than Ideal Life?

Hope is settling. She is settling for Liam and she is settling for the life she’s about to embark on. Furthermore, she is even settling for the life she’s about to set-up for her unborn baby. There’s an old Crosby, Stills & Nash song, “Love the One You’re With,” which fits Liam’s persona like a glove.

The man-child is now acting insipid by doing nothing more than playing house with Hope. This was seen at the cabin on Wednesday’s episode. He was led to this place by outside forces, starting with Steffy. Most every bride-to-be has the knowledge that it is the man’s love for her that gets him to the altar. Not for Hope. Sure, Liam loves her but Steffy was his first choice. He is led to the altar by directions from Steffy and Hope’s mother as well.

Liam Spencer Like a Kid With a Whoopee Cushion

Liam was showing his immaturity once again on Wednesday’s episode. He started to get romantic with Hope and then asks if it is an OK thing to do. Hope reminds him that they are engaged but his face lit up like a kid about to put a whoopee cushion under someone’s seat. He tells Hope that he was referring to Steffy’s dad, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), being close-by.

He was like a kid taking a risk on getting caught and to top it off, it looked as if he was enjoying this risk. After they did the deed by the fire in the cabin Liam decided to have a talk with his unborn child. Speaking into Hope’s belly he told the baby that he can’t’ wait to meet him, referring to the baby as “buddy.”

Bold and the Beautiful Baby Talk

As IBT suggests, Hope also refers to the baby saying “we (meaning her and Liam) are both so happy to have you in our lives.” It appears it was a night to do some baby talk.

It was a rather silly moment the two shared but when talking about the future it wasn’t just about Hope. Their conversation was far from Liam and baby make three. Liam comes with a lot of baggage which will weigh heavy on Hope in the future.

It was obvious when Steffy was talking about the future she was avoiding the names, Steffy and Kelly. When she talked about the future holding good things for them, she’d threw out the word “everybody.” That seemed to be in lieu of including the names of Liam’s extended family – Steffy and Kelly.

Steffy Forrester Holds Too Many Pieces of Hope’s Life?

Steffy doesn’t want Liam, so Hope gets him. She is not only Liam’s ex but there’s still an undercurrent of a rival there for Hope as well.  Then there’s the factor that Steffy is also Hope’s boss, a woman who can make or break her career. This equation doesn’t put Hope in a pretty position, she is way too much at the mercy of Steffy Forrester. This is the true picture of Hope’s future of “peace.”

While Steffy is pretty adamant about not wanting Liam as a mate for life, things can change. Considering this is the Bold and the Beautiful the chances of that happening are good. Hope is fully aware of how Steffy can come in between them. She’s lived it before and she has to be aware of this, or at least she should be.

B&B Pushy Mom

Hope is a woman with her mother pushing her down the aisle before another bombshell can drop calling the wedding off. Yes, Hope is a naive victim and perhaps some will say she’s letting herself be set up for heartbreak.

Others might suggest she has blinders on when it comes to Liam. And yet others could bring up the possibility that she loves him so much she doesn’t care how she gets him. One thing all these reasons have in common… it is a sad case for Hope. Whether she is a willing victim or not, she is a victim of other people’s misery.

This is how she got Liam in the first place when he was miserable about Steffy’s association with his father Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). Come back to Soap Dirt often for all your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.