‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Flo Fulton Star Breaks Bad During Quarantine

Bold and the Beautiful‘s Flo Fulton, played by Katrina Bowden, was in dire shape last we saw her. Just before the quarantine shut down new episodes of B&B, Dr. Penny Escobar (Monica Ruiz) conked Flo over the head, and things looked dire. Now things also look a little crazy in the actress’s life during the lockdown. Check out what she’s doing out in her garage that’s got her out of breath.

Bold and the Beautiful – Flo Fulton Actress Cooks up Drama During Quarantine

No doubt, you might be crawling the walls at home during the shelter-in-place. And, the same goes for our favorite soap actors and actresses. For her part, Flo Fulton portrayer Katrina Bowden’s using her time in some strange ways while off Bold and the Beautiful.

Recently, B&B featured Katrina Bowden on their Instagram channel, sharing a recipe for spicy Sriracha chicken meatballs. But, what was funniest about her recipe was that it included 6 to 8 oz of your favorite white wine. And, the Bold and the Beautiful actress used it hilariously.

As it turns out, the wine wasn’t for the chicken meatballs at all. Instead, Flo Fulton’s alter-ego said it was for the chef. Then, she toasted Bold and the Beautiful fans before taking a sip. Sure, cooking and guzzling wine is something many of us are doing right now.

Bold and the Beautiful: Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden)

B&B Actress Goes Full Breaking Bad in a Most Bizarre Way

While her character, Flo Fulton, is unconscious and faces a perilous fate, Katrina Bowden is getting wild on social media for Bold and the Beautiful viewers. Right now, she’s using Cameo, a site where fans pay for video messages from stars. But, Katrina is donating all the money she earns to feed-the-hungry charity.

And, the actress that plays Flo is taking requests, and some of them are pretty strange. One look at the Bold and the Beautiful slim and trim actress — and you know she’s in good shape. But she’s been spending time during quarantine in her garage with an ankle skipping exercise device doing weird things.

So she’s been using that hop-skip device while filming Cameo messages. One Bold and the Beautiful watcher asked her to recreate her favorite dramatic scene while working out. And, Katrina did the famous “I’m the one knocking at the door” bit from Breaking Bad. It was quite a departure from her work as Flo Fulton. You can see that video below.

Katrina called it “the most ridiculous thing” she’s done. But, man did she channel Heisenberg well, even while breathless from her garage workout.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) - Penny Escobar (Monica Ruiz) - Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope)

What’s Next for Flo on Bold and the Beautiful?

Spoilers tease that Flo Fulton surely survives the attack from Sally Spectra’s (Courtney Hope) doctor. However, there should be plenty more drama ahead once the CBS soap resumes shooting. But, you also shouldn’t count on seeing Flo on your TV screen anytime soon. Why?

Remember, Flo Fulton’s a recent addition to the cast of Bold and the Beautiful. And, right now, B&B‘s only airing classic episodes ranging from a few years ago to further back. So, we might not see Katrina Bowden in any of these reruns. But, you can count on much more action on Bold and the Beautiful for Flo, Sally, and the doctor that knocked her out on the last new episode.

For now, though, CBS soap fans will have to make do with reruns and cast antics on social media, including those with Katrina Bowden, AKA Flo Fulton.

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