‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Enraged – No New Episodes for Two Weeks?

Bold and the Beautiful fans are furious and aren’t being shy about it. They’re flat out calling the network liars on social media across all platforms. So, the big question is why CBS daytime isn’t coming clean with fans – and why they keep them hanging every day. Why don’t B&B showrunners find their guts and fess up? Check out what angry viewers have to say – it’s a lot like Brooke Logan’s recent anger…

How Long Will Bold and the Beautiful Viewers Wait for New Episodes?

CBS enjoys the two top slots on the soap ratings with Young and the Restless at the top and B&B in second place. But, if they’re not airing new material – and fibbing to fans, can they maintain their top slot? While Y&R’s also being pre-empting, they threw fans a bone on Thursday with a new episode after skipping several days.

Bold and the Beautiful Preempted

But, Bold and the Beautiful aired only one so far this week and that was on Monday. Yet, the official B&B Twitter account kept promising a new episode “tomorrow”. But tomorrow never seems to come. On their latest tweet, dated January 22, the soap said “#BoldandBeautiful was preempted today. Today’s episode will air tomorrow at our regularly scheduled time”.

Bold isnt on todayThese are just a small sample of replies to the network from aggravated fans. Simply, they’re sick of not being told the truth about whether there’s a soap coming on today. Does CBS news think that if fans tune in for Bold and the Beautiful and get the trial, they’ll stay tuned and watch? That seems like a big leap of faith. Plus, they’re also breaking their deal with advertisers.

Bold and the Beautiful preempted again

When Is B&B Coming Back On? Fans Don’t Believe What CBS Says

But Bold and the Beautiful fans aren’t buying it. Some viewers are lashing out with text while some are adding in memes and graphics to their outraged comments to the CBS tweets. Some of the milder comments included “I won’t be surprised if B&B won’t be on tomorrow”. Others stick to simple “no it won’t” while demanding that they put the episodes on streaming.

When is B&B on

Many of these memes are funny, but the outrage is clear. Bold and the Beautiful is taking fans for granted by not communicating transparently. Because, it looks like they think they can fib and people will still tune in. And, when they’re disappointed, how can the network expect them to keep coming back over and over only to be let down?

Bold and the Beautiful not on today

Is Bold and the Beautiful On Today? Probably Not… But Days of Our Lives Will Be

While B&B leaves its loyal fans with a misleading tweet and no new shows, NBC’s Days of our Lives is standing by soap fans and airing new episodes. An irritated viewer tagged CBS and its defunct CBS daytime Twitter account to “do better” and told them how much better DOOL’s doing by viewers. Other tweeters urged fans to switch over to NBC to see soap action.

Is B&B on today

And let’s not forget – there’s a legion of cable news channels running the same content. There’s no reason it needs to eat up the three soap network daytimes. Plus, the same network pre-empting Bold and the Beautiful is still running primetime shows instead of news coverage. So, that tells soap viewers where they rank in the eyes of CBS.

In the end, the big question is this. When CBS daytime decides to air new B&B episodes, will anyone be left watching? Keep checking your DVR, but it looks like another two weeks of disappointments. Maybe the network will do viewers the courtesy of better communication via Twitter to tell them the truth about when shows will and will not air. Brooke Logan wants to know – and we do too.

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