‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Back Soon: 5 Wyatt Plot Predictions for New Episodes

Bold and the Beautiful has actors back on set – so, we’re watching for Wyatt Spencer actor Darin Brooks to pop up there too, He’s got big scenes ahead based on the cliffhanger on the final episode of B&B. Here are our five plot predictions for what he saw and what’s next.

#1 Wyatt Spencer Saw Empty Room on Bold and the Beautiful

In the last moments of the final new B&B, Wyatt Spencer walked in on something that made him gasp. Of course, they want us to believe that Wyatt saw Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and her doctor dragging Flo Fulton’s (Katrina Bowden) limp body out of the room.

However, the odds are that Bold and the Beautiful wrote it another way. Instead, Wyatt Spencer sees an empty room, maybe with some mess on the floor. When Dr. Penny Escobar (Monica Ruiz) attacked Flo, a bunch of stuff got knocked around. So, Wyatt sees the aftermath but nothing else.

Bold and the Beautiful: Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) - Penny Escobar (Monica Ruiz) - Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope)

#2 Doc Peloton Dragged Flo – Sally Collapsed on Floor on B&B

On Bold and the Beautiful, they could go with Wyatt Spencer finding Sally collapsed on the floor, acting as if she fell off her walker. That would explain the mess from the assault and dragging. And it would keep Wyatt’s mind focused on Sally, not Flo.

Then, on Bold and the Beautiful, Sally can distract him while Dr. Faker finishes stashing Flo. She can always shove Flo under Wyatt’s bed, or stick her in the broom closet. She might even be able to get the baby stealing felon into her trunk while Wyatt’s distracted by Sally.

#3 Wyatt Gets Text From Flo – Replay of Adam-Eve With a Twist?

Also, we know how much Bold and the Beautiful loves to repeat storylines. Remember when Liam Spencer’s (Scott Clifton) head trauma made him an amnesiac? Then, Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) stashed him at the remote cabin for the Adam and Eve story.

Well, Bold and the Beautiful could do that again, but with Flo. Heck, they could even convince her she was in love with the lying doctor (or even Sally). At least that would be a unique twist. The girls could send Wyatt Spencer a text from Flo’s phone, then keep her tucked away.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) - Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope)

#4 “Wally” Almost Happens But GF Back to Ruin it for Sally on Bold and the Beautiful

If Flo’s out of commission living like with amnesia in a cabin somewhere, then Sally can ramp up her plot to steal Wyatt Spencer. She can also work on her miracle treatment to cure her, so she and Wyatt can have a happily ever after moment. But it won’t work out.

This whole Bold and the Beautiful plot is about redeeming Felony Flo. But Sally faking an illness still doesn’t equal stealing someone’s baby. But, in the end, you can bet B&B will make Flo look like some shining paragon of virtue. And of course, Flo winds up with Wyatt Spencer, no doubt.

#5 Wyatt-Flo Endgame – Sally Single When It’s Over

There’s no sign that Bold and the Beautiful will turn this around and have Wyatt Spencer fall in love with Sally Spectra again. They’ve written him committed to Flo. Remember, Wyatt dumped Sally over a tiny lie and was in the sheets with Flo about a half-minute later. So, that’s clear.

And Sally deserves better than a waffling Spencer male on Bold and the Beautiful. So, wait and see what’s next, but we expect to see Wyatt Spencer with Flo in the end and Sally sad and single. But, that’s okay – there are other men in LA – ones that don’t want to be in bed with a baby stealer.

Bold and the Beautiful actors are back on set – check Soap Dirt often for more updates on new episodes.